Asian Eyes – Applying Eyeliner & Mascara

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make-up artist, Tu-Anh, demonstrates how to make your eyes look bigger including tips for applying eye liner and mascara to Asian eyes.

    Tu-Anh Nguyen: Hi! I am Tu-Anh with Polished by Tu-Anh. I am showing you how to make your eyes bigger specifically for Asian Eyes and now I am going to show you how to apply eyeliner and mascara. So I have decided on Sandy I am going to use eyeliner pencil, okay. And we already put the eyeshadow, so look up for me please. And now I am going to start to apply the eyeliner at the bottom and if you see here I am really focusing on the middle and going out but not all the way out. Okay, look at me. I am going to go to the other eye and look carefully; I am not drawing all the way to her eye at the end because that would just make her eyes look more slanted. So you want to focus on just the middle only. This is where a lot of people have challenges because sometimes they feel like they have to go along with the shape of the eyes and they go all away out and it makes the eyes look very slanted. So look down for me and then now I am going to go on the top and I am just going to go right above the lashes, again focusing on the middle. Look at me. Okay and I am going to apply a little bit more of the shadow just blending it in. Look down for me. Look up. Okay and then I am going to right underneath the lashes. I am going to color it just the accent. Give it more accent. Same thing, cream liner, concealer brush, a little bit more water on this and remember to have your complexion prepped before you do your eye makeup. Okay, look down for me.

    I am coloring in the roots of her lashes, look carefully. Same thing I always do before -- I don't use liquid eyeliner because it comes out too dark and too harsh and then it can look kind of too made up. So that is why I am using a cream liner and just adding a little more water. So let's touch it up on the top a little bit. Look down, okay. Basically just filling in where the glue is showing because sometimes when the glue dries you can see it a little bit. Look down. Look at me. Okay, now I am going to blend the other side a little bit more. Let's apply the white eyeliner, taking away the red, look up. So if you look at her eyes already, it definitely brought the eyes out. So I am going to do this side. Okay and the last step would be mascara and with Sandy I am just going to do it very lightly. And I am going to do it on the lashes too. Look up. Look at me. Look up. Okay. And there you have the simple and easy techniques on how to make your eyes look bigger. Thank you for watching.