Assemble, Bake and Plate Greek Style Stewed Fish

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chey Amy Riolo demonstrates how to assemble, bake and plate greek style stewed fish.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I am Chef Amy Riolo and today, we are making Greek Style Stewed Fish with potatoes, tomatoes, and herbs. So lets begin by assembling our dish. The first thing that we are going to need is about a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, which I am just going to use to coat the bottom of the pan. This is a very quick assembly that I think everyone is going to love.

    We are going to start by putting a bunch of fresh Italian parsley right on the bottom of our dish. This application of using herbs in large quantities is really typical throughout the Mediterranean. Then we are going to layer our potatoes. Here we have about four medium-sized Yukon Gold potatoes which I thinly sliced. You always want to leave the skin on because we get a lot of fiber in our skin. So that makes it more nutritious. You could also use sweet potatoes because sweet potatoes have even more nutrients. They are also very good in regulating blood sugar for type 2 diabetics. You can just place them, kind of, roughly. This is about a pound and a quarter, but you can use as much as you want. You could even double this recipe, make it in two 9X13s and you will have enough to feed a crowd. So now I am going to put our spinach on top. This is about a pound-and-a-half of frozen spinach; because we want nutrients, I think its always good to use a little bit more spinach. Spinach is low in calories, particularly rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important for our vision, for our bone growth, and for our immune system. So adding spinach to recipes is a good thing.

    Now I am just going to scatter our Cubanelle peppers right across the top. This is just two peppers, you could use Poblanos, you could use Italian fryers, you could use green bell pepper; whatever you like. It doesnt have to be Cubanelle. Next, I am going to put our oregano. This is about two teaspoons of freshly chopped oregano. So now I am just going to layer our cod fillets right on top. This is two pounds of cod fillets which I am just going to put in a single layer here right across the top.

    Then on top of that, I am going to put our garlic. Garlic is a great thing for the diet because it helps us to fight infection and it also helps to lower cholesterol. There are so many benefits from garlic that its considered to be one of the super foods nowadays. So this is about five cloves of chopped garlic. Now I am going to top this with a little bit of sea salt. Anybody who is interested in really maintaining good health should invest in a good high-quality unrefined sea salt. So its a wonderful addition to our health and also it has a much lower sodium rate. If you are using unrefined sea salt, you wont get that kind of bloat that you get from a regular table salt.

    Now I have a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil. Here I have one quarter cup of all-purpose flour and a teaspoon of sweet paprika. What I am going to do is just mix these together. Then I am, little by little, going to whisk that into our olive oil mixture. The thickener just really helps to make the sauce kind of come together. You can do this application with any kind of fish; it doesnt have to be just the cod, the way that we have it today. We are doing fillets for convenience but its traditionally done with a whole fish.

    So now what I am going to do is I am going to scatter across the top our diced tomato. This is just one tomato which we have diced. Then we have got the sliced tomatoes. This is just for visual interest. Also, the diced tomatoes kind of come together a little bit more in the sauce, while the sliced tomatoes maintain their look. So now I am just going to put freshly ground pepper on top. Now I am going to whisk our thickening mixture right over the top, so you can already tell that this paprika is going to give our fish a nice flavor. This is going to come down and, kind of, seal all of our vegetables together.

    Then right around the sides of the pan, I am going to add our half of a cup of water. This is just to help the vegetables to cook a little bit more. So now that we have finished assembling our dish, I am going to go ahead and put it into our 350 degree oven which has been pre-heated. I recommend to pre-heating the oven before we start because its such a quick dish to put together that, that way once we get it done, we can go straight to the oven. So now, I will go ahead and place it into the oven for 40-45 minutes. So this is our Greek Style Stewed Fish after we have baked it for 45 minutes. As you can see, this is a really nice dish to serve just straight from the oven on to the dinner table. It looks great, its very hearty and its very family friendly. So now lets cut into it and show you what it would look like on the plate. This is enough for about six portions. Its a delicious healthful meal that proves that you can eat with both pleasure and health in mind.

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