Atlanta and West Virginia Hot Dogs –Slaw Dogs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, National Hot Dog and Sausage Council President, Janet Riley, will take you on a tour of how the folks down South enjoy their hot dogs with cole slaw. A chili recipe is included for the West Virginia Dog.

    Janet Riley: Hi! I am Janet Riley and I am President of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, and today, I'm here to show you how to make Georgia Dogs and West Virginia Dogs and these two hot dogs have one important ingredient in common that's coleslaw.

    To make homemade coleslaw you'll need a green cabbage, a red cabbage, two cups of grated carrots, a cup of red onion, some green pepper, two cups of mayonnaise and salt and pepper to taste.

    For the Georgia Dogs, you'll need hotdogs, Vidalia onions, buns and homemade coleslaw.

    For the West Virginia Dogs, you'll need buns, hotdogs, mustard, chili and coleslaw.

    To make our coleslaw, we're just going to take a couple minutes and we're going to start grating a green cabbage and a red cabbage until it's nice and fine. Okay, so now we grated our head of green cabbage and about two cups of red. We're going to finish making our slaw. We are going to add some grated carrots. It's some great color going in here, look at that. Mix in some red onions and you can add more or less to taste. I like a lot of onions and you can add green pepper, a little more color, and then we're going to blend in our mayonnaise. This is going to make a great fresh tasting slaw that adds some really nice color to your hotdogs at your table.

    As you are blending, add some salt and pepper to taste. There we go. So now we're going to cut up some nice Vidalia onions and we're going to saut them to make our Georgia Dog. The Georgia Dog has the Vidalia onions and coleslaw on them. So slice them up nice and thin like so and then I'm going to go ahead and saut them in a pan, put some olive oil and I'm going to keep turning consistently for about five minutes until they get nice and soft and golden brown in color.

    So now we're going to go ahead and make our Georgia Dog and our West Virginia Dog. I've got some nice hotdogs that I've heated up and to make the Georgia Dog, we first apply a generous scoop of this delicious looking homemade coleslaw and then we top it with these beautiful sauted Vidalia onions. That looks great.

    Now to make the West Virginia Dog, we start with the chili. It's nice and midi chili, cover that hotdog and then we add our coleslaw, and a nice squirt of mustard. There you have it; the Georgia Dog, the West Virginia Dog, both dragged through the garden, but each with its unique special taste. Enjoy!