Atlanta Businesses Find The Sweet Spot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    From fruity drinks to tasty treats, Atlanta’s small businesses make the most of local ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Amy Jackson: Amid the hustle and bustle of Atlanta City life, residents have plenty of reasons to want to take a moment to enjoy a sweet treat. Local business owners are making that easier and they are promoting Georgia agriculture at the same time.

    For example, at Just Add Honey Tea, local food producers find their way into your cup.

    Brandi Barnes Shelton: In our green tea category, we have a wild blueberry which we use blueberries from a farm in Conyers, Georgia. Our number 1 seller in our black tea category is our Georgia Peaches and we use organic dry peaches from Lane Farms in Fort Valley, Georgia. We carry honey from beekeepers all over the southeast. All of our teas are made in small batches to ensure the perfect cup. So whether you are 8 or 80, you can enjoy just that honey tea.

    Amy Jackson: If you are looking for something to curb your sweet tooth craving, Bear Maker Bakery is the place for you.

    Brandon Tidwell: We started in our house actually about three years ago. We've been working in this space at the Entrepreneurium for the last two years. We specialize in handheld treats, done very grandma style.

    Our products which we sell mainly wholesale to local coffee shops, independent coffee shops here in Atlanta are rice crispy treats, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles and we are beginning to work on moving towards a more sustainable system of baking where we use locally used products, and locally ground produce.

    Amy Jackson: And don't forget about your pooch, Big Daddy Biscuits whips up tasty dog treats that Fido can't resist.

    Lauren Janis: Big Daddy Biscuits uses eggs from different local farmers. We get our corn from Red Mill Farms in Athens, Georgia, and he gives his paw of approval for each one of them. He is the official taste tester. Amy Jackson: Reporting from Atlanta, this is Amy Jackson.