Atlanta’s Best Dog Parks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Whether you’re hoping to enjoy a unique space or take advantage of special doggie amenities, there is sure to be a place for your and your pooch.

    Kevin Daniel: Atlanta residents love their dogs and when it's time to take Fido for a walk, dog owners have plenty of options. We ask residents about their favorite dog parks in the city; first on this list Oakhurst Dog Park where dogs have lots of space to stretch their legs.

    Ceylan Odunkesenler: I think it's a really nice park; it has plenty of room for the dogs to socialize and get some exercise, so they'll sleep well at night. I love that it has a really long stretch for the dogs to run around the perimeter.

    Cara Lunney: And then the hiking trails behind here are really great, gets you out in the sun a little bit.

    Kevin Daniel: Mid-town residents enjoy the convenience of Doguroo Dog Park.

    Danika Woods: We love this park, it's very well kept, it works very well for the residents here, and so my dog absolutely loves it.

    Kevin Daniel: Keeping the park neat and tidy makes it a safe and fun place for dogs to play. Next-up there is ParkGrounds in Reynoldstown, a unique place that has something for dogs and their owners.

    John Gianoulidis: We have a full breakfast and lunch menu and for our customers, we have a dog park.

    Jessica Hunt: I've been coming here about a year and it's fantastic.

    John Gianoulidis: Everybody comes in, hangs out, has a coffee, it's just a cool environment.

    Kevin Daniel: The winning combination of park and caf keeps dogs and their owners coming back. In Decatur, residents love Adair Dog Park for the social aspect both for dogs and for other dog owners.

    Jeanne Montgomery: And what I really like is coming and meeting the people, the different kinds of people that come here, the different ages. We all have dogs in common. Most of the dogs are rescue dogs and there is all kinds of stories about how they've come to live with their families.

    Kevin Daniel: Piedmont Dog Park is one of the areas largest and residents love the dog-friendly neighborhood.

    Katherine Chesmitr: And it's really great because it's convenient downtown, lots of variety of dogs; big dogs, little dogs, all sorts. So that's really nice and then the people around here are really lovely and also you've got the park to play in afterwards.

    Kevin Daniel: So whether you're in it for the space, the stories or the snacks, Atlanta has got the park for you. From Atlanta, this is Kevin Daniel.