Atlanta’s Haunted Landmarks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Atlanta’s spookiest destinations have a historic reputation for being haunted, but it’s up to locals and visitors to decide the paranormal truth for themselves.

    Jelani Johnson: When it comes to haunted places, Atlanta has it share that give residents to creeps. We talked to locals and found the top-haunted destinations in Atlanta. Oakland Cemetery is the final resting place to over 3000 Confederate soldiers, but according to legend, these soldier spirits have not gone quietly.

    David Moore: When the union troops moved out of the city in November, there is a particular date and on a particular night on that date that they say you can still hear the calling of the Confederate Roll-Call.

    Jelani Johnson: November 15th is said to be that date. The Phantom of the Opera has nothing on the goose that supposedly haunt this former Masonic Lodge in Confederate Army Reserve. Atlanta's Fox Theater is said to be haunted by Confederate soldiers that stood guard over the ammunition.

    Another haunted landmark is the New Yacht and Polo Club, formerly Anthony's Restaurant. This 18th century home restaurant is said to be haunted by Annie Barnett, a former resident who died while giving childbirth in the 1800s. And while some skeptics attribute spooky sounds to the age of this Andrew Wilhelm home, employees have shared their first hands accounts of their experiences.

    Stephen McGuffin: I was in my downstairs office finishing up paper work and I thought everybody had left and it sounded like someone was coming down the back stairwell. So I get up out of my office go around a couple of turns and nobody was there. So I went back to my office, started finishing up paper work and about five-ten minutes later, you know I hear people in the kitchen. So I got back up, went upstairs, to the kitchen and there was nobody.

    Jelani Johnson: So if you are easily frightened, stay clear of these haunted Atlanta destinations, from Atlanta, Jelani Johnson reporting.