Atlanta’s Tallest Buildings Rule the Skyline

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Atlanta boasts some of the tallest buildings in the country, and these landmark skyscrapers represent some of America’s most iconic businesses.

    Sean Sweeney: One of the top 50 biggest cities in the US, Atlanta, Georgia has an immense population and a growing number of successful businesses. Look up to the sky, and you will see a large number of skyscrapers. We wanted to find out which ones are the tallest. Cheryl Eudy: That building over there, the block one with the different levels on it maybe. That is the Bank of America what Angela told you. It's a matter of perspective. Caleb Reach: I am not sure. There is a one that looks like a giant pencil on top. Mason Clements: The Bank of America building is the one that looks like a pencil right over there. Sean Sweeney: It turns out that the Bank of America building is the tallest. We talked to an Atlanta expert to find out more about this massive tower. Curtis Brown: That's the Bank of America building. It's 55-story. It was completed in 1992. The Bank of America building is a 1025 feet, and if you noticed that little pointed top there. Sean Sweeney: The pointed spires covered in 23 carat gold leaf and the steel pyramid underneath glows orange at night. And not far behind is the SunTrust building is Midtown, calculated at 871 feet. Also in the running, is the giant One Ninety One Peachtree Tower. It has two rooftops that reach 770 feet. Curtis Brown: As you noticed way in the distance there, we have got the Atlantic One building which is in the heart of the Atlantic station shopping center. It's a 50-storey building that consists of offices and retail outlets. Sean Sweeney: And last is the unmistakable West End Hotel at 723 feet. Curtis Brown: One thing that's interesting about the West End is that they build hotels very similar to the West End in other cities.

    Sean Sweeney: Sometimes all you need to do is look up. This is Sean Sweeney reporting from Atlanta.