Attic Ventilation Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Emily Videtto, Executive Director of residential roofing at GAF, discusses the importance of proper attic ventilation.

    Emily Videtto: Hi! I am Emily Videtto, Executive Director of Residential Roofing at GAF. Today I am going to discuss the importance of Attic Ventilation. GAF estimates that 9 out of 10 homes don't have enough attic ventilation.

    In the summer the temperature in your Attic can exceed a 160 degrees and those high temperature can also prematurely age your roofing shingles. It can also damage your roof structure, siding, paint, wallpaper and increase your cooling bill.

    In the winter an under ventilated attic can allow moisture from your home to collect in the attic and soak your insulation, which reduces its efficiency and results in higher heating cost. It can also lead to ice stemming which can cause links and expensive damage to your home and valuables.

    So, now that we know that attic ventilation is critical for a long-lasting roof and the comfort of your home. How does it work? Proper attic ventilation allows cool outside air to continually flow through the attic, and best attic ventilation systems will feature a ridge vent at the peak of your roof and soffit or intake vents at the ease. Cool outside air enters your attic through the soffit vents or intake vents and literally pushes the hot moist damaging air out of the ridge vent.

    It's a pretty simple system that uses no energy and requires no maintenance. There are also other type of vents that can be used to ventilate an attic, like hip vents, roof louvers, turbines and electric and solar power vents all of these can help remove damaging heat and moisture from your attic.

    But unlike ridge vents and hip vents which are virtually invisible when installed the others may detract from the finished look of your roof. The most convenient and least costly time to install Attic Ventilation is when you're having your roof replaced. But if your home is under ventilated don't wait. It's very important that you have proper attic ventilation to extend the life of your roof and improve the comfort of your home.