Attracting Birds – Adding Water

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karolyn Warfel with Woodstream Corporation talks about how to make your yard bird friendly. In this video we will focus on water. Water is an essential element for birds.

    Karolyn Warfel: I am Karolyn Warfel and I am talking about how to make your backyard bird friendly. Now, we are going to talk about water. Water is an essential element for birds. By adding water you'll attract birds that necessarily won't visit your feeders like Warblers and Swallows. It can be as simple as adding a bird bath, it's on a pedestal or hangs on a tree.

    You want to look for a bird bath that has a texture so it's not slippery. It also should only be about one-and-a-half to three inches deep. There are also several water feeders. This is the sip and seed. It offers water or seed for the bird. It's a clean source of water for the bird daily.

    You can also add a pond to your yard and also a water-mister that will appeal to birds. By cleaning your water feeders every two to three days you provide a clean, consistent water source for the birds that they will come back to daily.