Attracting Birds – Bird Feeding Accessories

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Karolyn Warfel with Woodstream Corporation talks about how to make your yard bird friendly. In this video we will focus on the accessories you need to enhance your wild bird feeding pleasure.

    Karolyn Warfel: I'm Karolyn Warfel with Perky-Pet Wild Birdfeeding and today I'm talking about how to make your yard more bird friendly. Next we're going to talk about the accessories you need to enhance your wild bird feeding pleasure. If you're going to hang your feeder on a tree, you may want to consider using a chain to secure it on so that you can easily remove it or a branch hook. This hook fits over the branch and makes it easy to take the feeder on and off.

    If you don't have a tree to mount your feeder on, you may want to consider a pole. What you want to do is place the pole about 10-12 feet away from any structure so a squirrel can't get to it. If you do have squirrel problems, you'll want to add a baffle.

    There are two types of baffle; the cylindrical baffle, you place on your pole and you want to make sure it's about five feet high because squirrels are known to jump at least four feet high. The Dome Baffle goes on top of your feeder and it prevents the squirrel from reaching down and stealing the seed of your seed ports.

    For Humming Bird Feeders, you may want to consider an ant guard. This is a Permethrin based repellent for ants. Because this is a sugar nectar, the ants will climb along the pole and try to get into your feeding ports. The ant guard prevents them from getting into the nectar. You also may want to consider a bee guard. A bee guard is a little cage, plastic cage that fits over the ports, and prevents the bees from getting to the sugar nectar as well.

    You may want to consider adding bird houses to your backyard experience. This is a Wren House. It's small and can be hung up for the Wrens, and also we have a Blue Bird House; ideally pole mounted to keep blue bird safe from predators. It's easy to clean. Usually one of the panels is easily removed so you can get inside. So these are some of the accessories you may want to consider when feeding wild birds in your backyard.