Attracting Birds – Types of Food

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn what to put in your feeders to keep the birds coming back time and time again!

    Karolyn Warfel: Hi! I'm Karolyn Warfel with Perky-Pet Wild Birdfeeders. We've been talking about how to make your yard more bird friendly. Right now I'm going to talk about the right food you can use to attract birds to your yard.

    Birds will find food naturally like worms and insects and spiders, but there's also seed, and other foods that you can offer to bring the birds to your yard. First, we're going to talk about black oil sunflower seed. This is the most popular of all the seeds and it appeals to the broadest amount of species of birds. It's high in protein and fat and a great seed to offer.

    The next seed is a mixed seed. It's an economical blend of millet, sunflower seed, cracked corn, and peanuts. It also has a broad appeal to cardinals and a lot of your ground feeding birds like doves and Northern cardinals as well.

    You also want to offer niger or thistle seed. This is a small black seed which attracts all types of finches, your gold finch, purple finch, and house finch, and also pine siskins.

    You can also use safflower seed, which is usually used to cooking but has a great value at the bird feeders because the squirrels don't like it. It neither do the grackles or the red wing black bird. You can also offer suet at your feeders. This is great for woodpeckers.

    For nectar feeders, you want to offer 100% sucrose formula. You can either buy this at the store or make it yourself. It's very easy; you boil your water, add one part sugar and four parts water, and put it out in your feeder. You can also offer jelly to the birds along with fruit, berries, and even baked goods like doughnuts, pie crust and crushed crackers. These are the wide variety of food that you can offer to birds to attract them to your yard.