August Gardening Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Horticulturist Mitch Baker provides tips on keeping the lawn and ornamental garden looking good as the summer comes to an end.

    Mitch Baker: Hi! I'm Mitch Baker with American Plant and I want to share with you some great gardening tips for August.

    First, let's start with introducing some late color to the garden with a few choice perennials and ornamentals. Next, we will talk about watering our lawns and gardens to keep them looking fresh and green through the hottest part of summer.

    Then we'll move into preparing the lawn for fall. Next, we will move into maintaining perennials and shrubs including deadheading and rose care, and finally identifying insects and diseases in the garden.

    Some tools and materials you'll need today, a good pair of gloves of course and a pair of pruning shears. Before we get started a little bit about American Plant.

    We are a retail garden center with several locations in the Washington Metro Area, and I am a Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturist with over 34 years experience in the garden center industry.

    So let's get started making your garden look great for August.