Autism Communication – Restricting Access

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, autism consultant Steven Wertz talks about a very important practice that, if done correctly, can result in a dramatic increase in your child’s desire to communicate. If your child has limited access to key toys, items and experiences, your child will have a much greater need to communicate.

    Steven Wertz: Hi! I am Steven Wertz with The Growing Minds Autism Program. I want to talk with you about a way that you can you can improve communication with your child with autism. It might seem counterintuitive but if you restrict access to the things that your child wants the most, you are more likely to get more and better communication. For example, if your child loves particular food items and if they have free access to those food items, and if they can go to the refrigerator and take food or if they can just get food off a tabletop, they would not need to ask you for food, they would not need to come with you, to you, and find a way to communicate with you. It is very important for you to think about how to control access to favorite items, food items, toys etcetera. You want to consider have a cabinet that you put things in; that is out of reach of your child or their blocks. Put things up on a high shelf, close refrigerators and put some arrangement on the refrigerators so that the refrigerator would not just be opened and freely accessed. If your child simply has free access to toy items and food items and so forth. They will simply interact with those items that they will look for those item, find to those items. They will look at you, they would not come to you, they would not be communicating with you, and you have a relationship with that was desired items. However, if you restrict access your child will come to you and then it is an opportunity for you to interact together over your child's favorite thing. As your child comes to you to access each of their favorite things you connect them with yourself, and your child begins to associate you with everything that they love. This is a way to inspire your child to come and communicate with you.