Autism Communication – Using Pairing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Autism consultant Steven Wertz talks about how it is not enough that there is a key word, and that that word is emphasized. The word must also be dramatically “paired” with what it represents. Pairing assures that the meanings of key words are understood.

    Steven Wertz: Hi I'm Steven Wertz with the Growing Minds Autism Program.

    Some children with Autism don't speak because they only hear a keyword and never connect it with an item or they only see the item and they don't connect it with the sound of the word. So, in order for your child to talk we need to connect things up for your child. We need to make it very, very clear.

    Now, if I have a favorite item -- child loves Buzz Lightyear. Now I want to have the item and make sure that the child is looking at the item and when he's looking at it then you say Buzz! So now I am connecting the word Buzz with Buzz. This is pairing; it has put the word together with the item for sure. Make sure he is looking, make sure she's listening then put those things together.

    Drink -- Drink-- it's really putting it together. Cookie -- Cookie. Chip --When you connect so strongly, the emphasized word with the item that represents then the child has the word and associates it with exactly what it stands for, your child will have words for their key experiences, for the things that they most want. You have to do extra to get this across to a child with Autism.