Autism Communication – Using Time Delay

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, autism consultant Steven Wertz talks about, and demonstrates a method for dramatically increasing your child’s motivation to speak. Time delay methods have been shown to increase the likelihood that your child will try to say key words.

    Steven Wertz: Hi! I'm Steven Wertz with the Growing Minds Autism Program.

    In order to help your child with Autism; talk. We want to make them want to talk. Now there is a certain way to do this and it's called Time-delay and there is two phases that we use, first we'll connect the word with an item and give it across.

    Buzz -- Buzz. One more, okay, Buzz. We'll do this, two or three times and then put in a time delay so that the child will want to say the word, I am just going to show you quickly.

    Buzz --Suppose your child really wants so I am going to use cookie, okay. Suppose your child really wants cookie. Cookie. So I have said the word and gave it. Now he is not saying anything, he is just wanting it and again I say, cookie and hand it across. Well then right after I say cookie, cookie comes so the word is magic and the word makes it happen. Cookie. Now I think I've done it three times. Cookie, four times. Now the next time I'll go and put in a pause. During this pause about three seconds, 1000-2000-3000, it's very likely that your child will want to say cookie and try to say cookie and if you see the mouth just even go, then give cookie as a way to strengthen the child's attempt to speak.

    So we connect the word with magical delivery. And we do it again, we do it again then a time delay, the time delay makes your child want to say the word.