Awesome Arms Warmup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow demonstrates how to warm up for an awesome arm workout.

    John Basedow: Hi, I am John Basedow and now that we have gotten all set up to train our awesome arms, we are going to now start warming up and I believe you should warm your entire body before even doing specific body part training or exercises.

    So begin with, we are going to do some simple stretches and power yoga moves. We are going to do reach for the stars, just reach up as high as you can. Keep your feet rooted on the ground, hand is reaching for the stars. Pretend like you are trying to grasp all your dreams. Stretch as much as you can, stretch out your entire body. Then go crescent to the right and crescent to the left. Stretching out your lap muscles, stretching out your arms as far as you can, feels really good. Do as many crescents as you need to.

    Once again, reach for the stars, reach for those dreams then do a big smile and dive into waterfall. With waterfall, you are going to just be hanging with your hands clasped together. You are going to be letting the whole weight of your torso go down, feeling the stretch in the lower back. If you tend to down very far right now, you watch you can when you can, believe me you are going to be more flexible at second, third, fourth and fifty-fourth times you do these things.

    Then we are going to go into triangle stretch. Just put your one hand right below your knee, stretch up making a triangle. Go straight into side stretch. Stretching out that lat as far as you can. Pretend like you have a string shooting out at your fingers pulling you to the wall. Spin around, going to triangle on the other side looking up, lap stretch. Spin right around and do one more set at least. If you need to do more, to get limber or you want to practice the moves, you are free to do as many as you want. You could never warm up too much. Stretch that out very good.

    Now we are going to do some shoulder stretches. Just go to the side, just rotate those shoulders. Rotate those shoulders back a little bit and then we are going to do a shoulder stretch forward, stretching as far as you can and a shoulder stretch back. Stretching out your back, stretching out your shoulders and your arms. Once again forward and once again back. Then we are going to do the chest and back stretch. Now chest and back stretch I also called hug the barrel catch the ball. You are going to hug the barrel on the chest stretch but to keep your arms in an arc like you are hugging a barrel then you are going to go back with your back and catch the ball. So you hug the barrel catch the ball. Hug the barrel catch the ball. Pretend like you have weights in your hand even though you don't and do one more of those and that really stretches you out a bit.

    The other thing I would like to do for my warm up is a little bit of push ups. Now you could push ups on the floor, you could also do push-ups against a wall. They are great for the upper body. They are great for warming up the chest, back, shoulders, biceps and the triceps. Since we have talked about the bench, I am going to make this easy. I am going to do my push ups right on the bench that we are going to be our arms exercises on.

    Get in push up position with your arms a little further than shoulder width apart, place them on the bench, bring your body down, keep your whole back in a linear position, angled upwards and squeeze with the chest and the arms looking straight forward. Getting those muscles working. You are going to feel it in the biceps, triceps, you are also going to feel it in the chest and the back keeping that body straight and I wants you to do about anywhere from 10-20 of these. You are just warming up right now, feels really good.

    This is what's going to pump up your arms a little bit. Get you all warmed up because sometimes if you go into exercise without warming up first it's almost like taking a rubber band out of the freezer and trying to stretch it. It just snaps and you don't want that to happen to your muscles. It's enough for the warm up, now we are going to go on to our first arm exercise which is Standing Barbell Curls.