Baby Food – Stocks and Soups

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified health counselor Lisa Wilson demonstrates how to make baby food stocks and soups.

    Lisa Wilson

    Lisa Wilson is a Certified Health, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor and a Certified Fitness Trainer. She is the founder of Nourished, LLC and Parkfit, Outdoor Fitness for Women. She helps busy families incorporate healthy meals into their life on a regular basis. As the mother of three, Lisa is passionate about proper nourishment for growing children. She works with clients seeking weight loss, sugar reduction, cholesterol control, hormone balance, emotional issues, wellness, prevention, renewed energy and balance and more. Lisa offers individual and group counseling. Individuals are often referred to her practice by area doctors. She also offers a cooking class series in the home or office! The classes cover kitchen basics, intermediate classes and classes on stepping it up to ultimate health! Lisa earned her undergraduate degree from the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota. She received her training as a Health Counselor through a program with Columbia University, at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Manhattan. She lives and works in McLean, Virginia.

    Hi, I'm Lisa Wilson, Certified Health Counselor in Northern Virginia. Were talking about making your own homemade organic baby food for babies 8-12 months. Right now were going to talk about stocks. Stocks are one of the most wonderful foods you can give to your baby. They are brain food, they are nutrient dense. So, all night long I have been cooking my chicken stock overnight, 12 hours, in this pot. What I have done is I have already gone and taken out a little bit of the stock, strained it, and put it right into my food processor. To that I am going to go ahead and add a little bit of coconut milk. Coconut milk babies love, I dont know if you ever tasted it for, but its delicious, its brain food. You can go ahead and just take a little test. Oh, so good. What Im going to do is go ahead and just scoop that right into the stock. Once you get to the bottom of this cans you will get to the milkier part. Im going to put about half a can in. This will save too, I will put it another container, and I will go ahead and I will save it in the refrigerator. So, what Im going to do, so easy. Lid, here we go, Were overflowing, thats okay, it didnt take much to get it to blend it together. Then what you can do is just go ahead and pour this right into a little ceramic mug, or you can pour it in a bowl, and youre going to help baby drink it. You want to wait until it cools down to room temperature, and then go ahead and let baby drink it. Now, building on to that, you can go ahead and add -- I have some sweet potatoes that I baked, Im going to get messy again, thats okay, this is so much fun to do. Okay, go ahead, take your sweet potato. I have already cut this one, just slit it right down the middle. Again, the skin is just going to pill right off. Into the food processor it goes, just like that. Wow, see, Im telling you this, is gets a little messy. Clean hands of course, always. Here we go, in the food processor. Alright, now Im definitely going to overflow since I was overflowing in the last one, thats okay, Im going to get my towel and be ready. Here we go, towel, food processor -- oh, forgot one thing, Caraway seeds, caraway just tastes so great. What were doing is were making a sweet potato soup. Now, you can do this with anything. You can do this with cauliflower, your steam cauliflower. You can do this with your cooked broccoli. You can get a vegetable medley going. You can do this with your carrots. I just happen to love the way caraway seeds taste, so of course my organic caraway, I was grinding them earlier. So, you want to get them down to almost a powder, nice fine grind. Keep going. It takes a few minutes to do that. Right into your soup, there we go, lid back on. So, now what do we have in there? We have our chicken stock, coconut milk, sweet potato, caraway seeds, thats it, four ingredients. Here we go. Look at it, the color is gorgeous. This is exactly what you want, even though its so messy, but this is exactly what you want. Im going to go ahead and take this out, Im going to pour it into a bowl. Now, the reason I wanted to show you this -- oh, we got a chunk, that you dont want, not for baby, you, okay. Alright, so what you do is just go ahead and puree it a little bit more, but the reason I wanted to show you this is because this soup is not just for baby, this is for the whole family. I make this for my kids all the time. Im going to go ahead and pick it up and test it, incredible. Okay, like I said, you can do this with a number of vegetables. Its great, mineral dense, mineral rich soup that your whole family is going to love. It cant get easier than that.