Baby Registry – Baby Monitors

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    John O’Neil from Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including baby monitors.

    John: Hi! I am John from Great Beginnings. Today, we will be going over your baby registry and right now I am going to start with baby monitors. Your standard monitor is an Analog Monitor that usually pretty inexpensive but typically doesn't have a very good range and clarity. Digital Monitors on the other hand have much better clarity and a lot longer range but tend to cost a little bit more. Things look for on your monitor are rechargeable batteries, two receivers is great, one for each parent on multiple floors. Lights on front of the monitors also coming very handy. It's a good feature because if you can't hear the monitor itself you can see the lights go up like equalizer on the stereo.

    One other option which becoming more and more popular is Video monitors. Now video monitors is like analog monitors tend not to have a very good range and tend to have a little bit more interference. You can have a standard one with a settle on TV. You can even have a hand-held device which you carry with, you can see your child at all times.

    . And one more option would be to hook it directly into your TV, you can see your child on your television set.

    So those are some choices for monitors for your baby registry. Next I am going to be talking about some bath items.