Baby Registry – Bedding

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joe with Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including bedding.

    Joe: Hello! I am Joe. Today, we are teaching you about what items to register for. In this segment, I am going to go over bedding; everything from a four-piece set right on down the water proof pads. We are going to start with your four-piece sets. It's very, very popular register for your bedding set, a four-piece set will include a comforter, a bumper, a sheet, and a bedskirt. It is probably a smart idea to make sure that the retail store that you register with has the bedding set in stock before you choose to register for it. If you want to go organic, there are organic bedding options, all the way down to bumpers and skirts and things like that. After you decide on your bedding set, it is also very important to remember that we need a waterproof mattress, a waterproof pad on her mattress every second of every day. There is also an option for organic or normal cotton waterproof pads as well. Since we need our mattress covered every second of every day, we probably do need to register for three if not four of these. Once you have picked out your waterproof pad and you've registered for a good amount, we need to cover that with a 100% cotton sheet. Crib sheets come in many different colors, they are all of standard size so they fit every crib mattress that you will buy since 2001. It is very, very good to make sure that both with your crib sheet and your waterproof pad that it has elastic all the way around. In that way, the more and more the child moves it cannot come undone. You do want also three or four of these because the same amount of time that you have to change the waterproof pad, you are going to have to change your crib sheet as well. After you do your crib sheet, we also have to take into consideration your Pack 'N Play sheet. For your Pack 'N Play, you will need about two of these; one is a primary, one is a backup and you will need to cover your pad on your Pack 'N Play all the time too because that's not a 100% cotton and that's very, very rough. If you decide to get a bassinet, you will need to get a bassinet sheet. The same goes for this too; you need two or three of these. So, now that we have talked about your sheets, we are going to get into bumpers. For everything that you have been reading, the research that has been done on bumpers, a lot of parents are opting not to use bumpers. This is not a smart idea since arms and legs can get in the slacks. So if it worries you, there are breathable mesh bumpers that is impossible to cause suffocation and attaches to the crib. They can by used as step stools to help the child climb out of the crib but more importantly, it prevents any limb from going in between a slack. Very, very important to put bumpers on your crib. Also, in the bedding section, we have burp cloths. Now, there is not an exact amount of burp cloths that you should register for but I should say this, you can never have too much. Burp cloths come in very, very cute fabrics and very plain fabrics. I normally recommend the plain fabrics considering what's going to go on there and the plain fabrics tend to blended in very, very well. When you have your changing pad, if you are using a standalone changing table or a changing pad on the top of a dresser which I covered in the last segment, there are covers for that as well. A good starting point for changing table covers is three or four but you are probably going to end up getting a lot more. Now that we have covered your sheets, your waterproof pads, your burp cloths and your bedding sets, we have to address what you are going to sleep the child in. We are no longer allowed to put blankets into the crib for suffocation hazards and there was a way that you could swaddle the child in a normal receiving blanket. A lot of the dads, we tried the Bridal (ph) method; the old roll and tuck at the end. Unfortunately, that didn't go over as well as we thought it would. So for us, we have pre-cut SwaddleMe blankets. These are blankets that are already cut, very easy to fold. When you do fold, it creates a perfect swaddle around the child and it even Velcro's down, so when the child starts wiggling in their sleep it can't come undone causing suffocation. Now, unfortunately, there is that 2% of children who don't like having their arms in anything including a SwaddleMe blanket. In this case, you are not out of luck, there are something called sleep sacks. Sleep sacks are basically a big sleeping bag that covers the child, allows the arms to come out, so there is no problem with them using their arms and still prevents anything from coming or riding up around the child's face.

    Anyone of these options would be a good option for you to use. I hope today we have helped you pick out your items for your baby's registry and I would like to say thank you very much for watching the series of clips.