Baby Registry – Car Seats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Esandra Castro with Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including car seats.

    Esandra (ph) Castro: Hi I am Esandra (ph) Castro with Great Beginnings showing you how to create a prefect baby registry. Now we would be speaking of infant car seats.

    When it comes to infant seats, most functional things that we have is quick release. The second thing that we look for is the base that installs into your vehicle. Most carriers weigh somewhere around 8 pounds or so, they go a maximum weight of either 22 pounds 29 inches, or the newest models are actually going up to 30 pounds 30 inches. In safety, the things we look for is five-point harnesses, head support, comfort foam, and side impact foam. Also, they come with a hood to cover the child from the sun, winter footmuff, and with most carriers, if you are not on use, you can actually put them on the ground and they all rock. When we are not in rock, they will take your handle, drop all the way back and stop from rocking. If you own more than one vehicle, we also recommend buying an extra base. Most companies will have a separate bases so in convenience, when you attach it to a second vehicle, you only have the car seat to install it in to the base.

    Now let's go and talk about convertible car seats. So with convertible car seats, they will install rear facing and also, they will convert into forward facing. They will average out normally rear facing up to 30 pounds 33 inches and go up to weights of 40 pounds 40 inches. There are newer car seats out there that will hold more weight in forward facing, maxing out normally between 65 pounds and 70 inches.

    Safety things you will look for in the convertible car seats are the same as infant seats. A car seat with a five-point harness, again like before, you also have comfort foam and side impact foam. In safety, they will also come with a Tether system and for most newer vehicles, they will also have the Latch System. Also, with convertible car seats, they will hold longer weights and more time. They will tap out normally between 40 pounds 40 inches, holding a child an average of 3.

    5-4 years of age. The ones that have higher weights up to 55 pounds 49 inches, will also hold the child between 4.

    5-5 years of age. Those are some tips on car seats for your baby registry. Next, we will be talking about strollers.