Baby Registry – Changing Tables & Diaper Bags

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joe with Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including diaper bags and changing table needs.

    Hi! My name is Joe. Today we are teaching you about what items to put on your baby registry. In this segment, I am going to go over diaper bags and changing table needs. What I am going to do is talk to you about what to look for in your diaper bag.

    It would be good to have a wipe holder in your diaper bag. Also, make sure whatever diaper bag you purchase has a portable changing pad. That way you can lay it down, wherever your maybe. Last but not least is some diaper bags come with this, other diaper bags you have to purchase this separately, these are stroller straps. Stroller straps will allow you to connect your diaper bag on to your stroller and this could be used with any other diaper bags. The other things that you should look for in a diaper bag is insulated bottle holders. This keeps the milk well cool, while you are out traveling towards the doctor's office, or just venture outside. If your diaper bag doesn't have insulated bottle holders, don't worry because you can register or purchase these. These have a kit that include an insulated bottle holder, a wipe holder, and a pacifier keeper.

    So once you have all your necessities, we have to talk about your diaper bags themselves. If you are going to go with one diaper bag for him and her, we need a primary diaper bag that's big enough to carry all the essentials. Snacks, changing clothes, pacifiers, diapers, bottles, you name and it's probably going to go in the diaper bag. The other thing is, moms typically combine their purse with their diaper bags. So you have to make sure that we have enough room.

    Also, on this subject if mom picks out a color like this, it might be a good idea to register for a Her Bag and a His Bag. His bags are very, very small, very, very plain. They are great for use for quick ventures out. Well, moms bag is the big mothership of all bags and that's the one we rely on using for our primary ventures out, especially if we are going to be outside the house for a long period of time.

    With the diaper bags, you can get a backpack diaper bag, like this model here. Backpacks are no different than the backpacks in school where you can wear them over one shoulder or the other. The problem with backpack diaper bags is since they are taller and not wider, there is not as much pocket, so there is not as much organization to your madness. Also, things tend to fall in the bottom and become very, very unorganized. So some backpack diaper bags will allow you to turn it into a tow, that way you can carry it over your shoulder. So if you need to access it really, really quick, you can do so.

    Now that we have covered your primary bag or your His and Her bag, there is also one other option for diaper bags and that's if we are making a quick venture out to the grocery store or doctor's office and we are not going to be out that long, there is these little travel cases. These little travel cases when opened up, they become your portable changing pad, have an area that you can keep your wipes, creams, powders, diapers, other things, but doesn't get too heavy or too bulky when we are bringing into the car, the doctor's office.

    Now that we have covered the essentials for your diaper bags, we are going to talk a little bit about your changing tables. There are two different types of changing tables. There is standalone changing tables, like this one, which come in many, many different colors. Some of them have optional wheels at the bottom. Some of them will also allow you to have a drawer for your smaller items, like your desidin, or other pastes, creams, powders. You always want to make sure that you are at a very good height. You don't want to bend over too far and you don't want to lift the child up too high. With the changing tables, they are all around 33X17. They do vary a little bit, but not enough to make a difference in sheets. You do want to register for about three or four changing table sheets, even though that you will probably need a lot more than that. The other option for changing tables is the changing pad that goes on top of the dresser. Changing pads come in four sided, three sided, and two sided contour changing pads. They also have a little seat belt or a strap that allows you to harness the child down, so when they are fussy and in a way going around on you, they don't fall off.

    What most parents don't realize about these changing pads is that they do in fact attach to the back of the dresser. Some attach to the back of the dresser using snaps, other attach to the back of the dresser using screws. No matter what the case is, it doesn't move around on the dresser, so it's very, very stable.