Baby Registry – Clothing Needs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joe from Great Beginnings discusses what to put on your child’s baby registry including clothing needs.

    Joe: Hi! My name is Joe. Today we are teaching you what to put on your child's baby registry. In this segment, I am going to go over clothing. Now I know you, the first thing that you are going to gravitate towards are the very adorable and cute outfits. Our friends and family members take very good care of us, picking up the cute stuff. It is our job to put on the practical stuff. The solid whites, solid blues, solid pinks.

    So I am going to start with going over the most popular outfit, one that's more commonly used and that it is a Crotch-Snap Onesie. A Crotch-Snap Onesie is just an outfit that covers up the baby and attaches at the bottoms of the baby's crotch. It comes in a assortment of colors, and comes in long sleeves and short sleeves depending on the time of year.

    After there, the onesie, Side-Snap Shirts are also very, very popular. Side-Snap shirts are popular especially during the first month because it's very easy to take it off, put it on, and change the child diaper. They do have matching pants but most parents choose not to put the pants on, just pair it up with the diaper. After these, there is one other option of onesie and that is a Front-Snap Onesie, one that goes down in to the child. We want to avoid these for the first couple of weeks because the umbilical cord doesn't fall off right away. It's very sensitive and these snaps could rub up against it and then causing an infection. So just for the first two or three weeks we avoid these outfits and we stick to the Crotch-Snap Onesies and the Side-Snap Shirts. The next thing we are going to talk about is a Baby Cap. These are used all times of year, not just in the winter time. Children can catch colds very easily or catch chills, and caps are used when it's windy outside, when it's raining, not just for the winter time. Also, when you are considering a cap, consider socks and booties for the same exact reason. Now what's a very, very popular registry gift or one of the things that your family member and friend will take care of you for, is an outfit that has a cap, socks, and booties. Before you come in, you should have a good idea whether you want to register for organic or normal cotton. In the next segment, I am going to go over developmental toys and which ones you should register for.