Baby Registry – Developmental Toys

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joe from Great Beginnings discusses what to put on your child’s baby registry including developmental toys.

    Joe: Hi! My name is Joe. Today we are teaching you about what baby items to put on your child's registry. In this segment, I am going to go over developmental toys. We are going to start with your floor mat, one of the more important developmental toys. There is many, many different floor mats out there. A floor mat is a perfect registry gift because it falls in a perfect registry price point.

    Floor mats can come with a pillow, like shown, or come without the pillow. If one does not include a pillow, there is a very popular breast feeding pillow, that can be used as a pillow for your floor mat. In this picture, it shows you how it's positioned on the floor mat. What the pillow does is helps the child lift up their head. Therefore, developing and using their neck muscles. Now that we have covered your floor mat, we are going to talk a little bit about bouncer seats. Bouncer seats come in many different shapes, and forms, and colors. They all pretty much do the same thing. When the child starts using and developing leg muscles and they flare their arms about and their legs about, the chair will actually bounce up and down. This is very exciting to a child, therefore, encourages the motion and the muscle building in the arms and legs. Some bouncer seats come with visual simulation, others do not. If you decide to get one with the visual stimulation, sometimes it helps them keep themselves entertained. If you think you are overstimulating the child, it's very easily removed as well.

    The last thing to consider, when picking up a bouncer seat is, whether or not you want to have it as a high inclined. Very, very few bouncer seats will have adjustable heights but there is a couple that will allow you to adjust the height. Almost all the bouncer seats have the same weight regulations of 25 pounds, average of six months.

    After your child outgrows the bouncer seat, there are other options that you can use. One is an Exersaucer, the other is a Jumperoo. You can't really start the child out in an exersaucer or a jumperoo, until they have proper neck muscles and can hold their head up properly. The main difference between exersaucers and jumperoos is jumproos will have a lot more bounce involved than an exersaucer. Exersaucers tend to swivel a lot more than bounce.

    No matter which one you decide on, both of them allow the child to develop good leg muscles, start to learn how to walk, and give the parent a little bit of time to do something, like cook or clean. Now that we have explained the differences between exersaucers and jumperoos, we are going to you about your Seat Positioners.

    Seat positioners are a very easy topic. They all can be used at three months till about 14 months. What they do is help the child sit up on their own, developing good back posture. Some seat positioners come with the tray, some don't, and some will give you an option for a tray separately. However, this is a great price point on a registry and the tray pretty much makes the seat. It allows some, kind of, containments, so the child can't get up on their own. You could put cheerios, or gold fish on there, or baby's a favorite toy and it keeps the child entertained for a certain period of time.

    The one thing to remember about seat positioners is, they cannot be used on elevated surfaces, since they don't come with straps at the bottom to attach it to a table or a chair of that sort. In the next clip, John is going to go over safety products with you for your baby registry.