Baby Registry – Health & Hygiene

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    John O’Neil from Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including health and hygiene items that are a must.

    John: Hi! I am John from Great Beginnings. Today, we have been going over how to create a baby registry. Now I am going to show you Health and Hygiene items so you might want to register for. We will start with Nasal Aspirators. This is a very basic nasal aspirator that probably give you at the hospital. The problem with this nasal aspirator is it's very hard to clean. This is a much better choice for your nasal aspirator because it's very easily cleaned because you can open it at the bottom. Another nice thing is at the top it has a over-insertion guard, chance to get too far up your child's nose.

    Next is Medicine Dispensers. With medicine dispensers there are several different kinds. The majority of the times the medicine you buy comes with the dispenser. That's one you should use. Here is a very basic thing you are going to need comb and brush. Next is a very important item, a thermometer which you want to use for at least the first year. It's a rectal thermometer because it's going to give you the most accurate reading.

    When choosing a thermometer one look for bendable tip also a quick read. Nail clippers. Something that you are going to use a lot. Your child's nails grow very quickly so it's best to have a very good pair of nail clippers. These look very cute but they actually work really well. The nice thing is they have a safety skin guard. So pushes the skin out, out of the way so you do not clip their skin.

    Last thing I am going to show you is a kit. This is very convenient because all items that I have showed you comes all in this kit. You don't have to register for all the items separately. Those are some health and hygiene items you might want to consider registering for.

    Next I am going to go over baby monitors.