Baby Registry – High Chairs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Esandra Castro with Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including high chairs.

    Esandra (ph) Castro: Hi! I am Esandra (ph) Castro with Great Beginnings. Today we are going to show you how to make a perfect Baby Registry. Now I am going to talk to you about high chairs.

    Things to look for in high chairs. Single-hand tray pull-outs, a place to store a tray, three reclining positions, adjustable height just about any level, storage folds, we also look for comfort. When it comes to most high chairs and your children, they all come with five-point harnesses, and adjustable footrest. As the children are growing, they will always have that comfort. Plates are removable, so they will never have their feet hanging.

    In comparison, when it comes to single-hand trays, most companies have two different features. They call this the Scoot-up bar. Normally, either they have it on the tray or some manufacturers will have it on their seat.

    The next thing you would look for is the easy use, removable trays to wash, dish washer safe. Another thing to look for is the cleanability of the seats. When it comes to high chairs, you also have vinyls which are the easiest to maintain. They also come with cloth, both are very functional. If I had to pick in one of the easiest ones to clean, they are always going to be the vinyls. When it comes to cloth, they do absorb food and they still are removable and easy to wash.

    So those are some tips on high chairs. Now we we'll be talking about Booster Chairs. We have two common types of booster chairs. The type that would go on and attach to the chair themselves and your travel booster. Most common recommended is the booster chair. When it comes to looking for safety and features, we have boosters that actually attach to the backup spindles and underneath the chair themselves.

    Second one is the travel booster. When it comes to travel boosters, we only recommend those for wooden tables, never for the type with the center post. When the children are actually too heavy, they can tip to one side. Another problem with traveling boosters is that if they are too heavy, they can actually scratch and make damages up on your wooden table.

    So those are some tips on high chairs and boosters. Next, Joe will be talking to you about changing tables and diaper needs.