Baby Registry – Safety

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    John O’Neil from Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including safety items that are a must.

    John: Hi! I am John O'Neil from Great Beginnings. We are going to be talking about your baby registry and I am going to start with safety. First thing I want talk about are gates. There are two main kinds of gates, there is pressure mounted and there is wall mounted.

    Typically, wall mounted gates will definitely go on the top of your stairs. They are a lot more stable and secure than the pressure mounted gates. With Pressure mounted gates, which are most popular because there is no hardware to install. There are a couple of cons. The cons are, when you open the doorway, you do not have the full entry way through your door space. Another thing you will notice is, at the bottom there is a bar. So you can possibly trip over this bar and step your toe.

    Now we are going to go over some of the small items for safety. Some of the basic things are like our Outlet Cover. Outlet covers, like these, are what most people are used to. They are pretty inexpensive and easy to use. Another option is of whole outlet cover. The advantages to this is, when you put the plug in, it completely covers the outlet but when you pull out, there is a spring in the outlet that completely close this. So you never have to worry about it, if there is a plug in there, it automatically does it.

    The next item I want to go over are cabinet and door latches. This is pretty standard and pretty inexpensive. The way these work is, when you open your cabinet, you pull back a little bit, push down the tab, and it opens. The problem with these is you have to use their hardware and drill into your cabinets. Another option, just definitely a lot more expensive than the other ones, are these. These are only used adhesive, you do not have to drill into your cabinets. Another cool thing is the magnet. A magnet actually releases the lock and you keep this on top of your fridge or somewhere your child can't get it. They cannot figure out how to use the other ones. Furniture and wall straps, these are must. For any furniture that's possible stepping over, like dressers and book cases, you want to mount this to the wall and also to your piece of furniture. This prevents it from tipping over on to the floor, on to your child. Next is a Starter Kit. The starter kit usually comes with some of the basics and that's to get you started but you probably need more. Come with a couple of outlet covers, some cabinet latches, and a couple of the items you might need.

    Those were the basic safety items that you are probably going to need. Next, I am going to show you Health & Hygiene.