Baby Registry – Strollers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Esandra Castro with Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including strollers.

    Esandra (ph) Castro: Hi I am Esandra (ph) Castro with Great Beginnings showing you how to make a perfect baby registry. Now we are speaking about strollers.

    The most common recommendation that we have on strollers are actually for your infant car seat. Typically, known as a frame or better known as a Snap 'N' Go universal frame, they are designed specifically for infant seats. The most practical thing we have behind them is, they are light weight, they only weigh ten pounds. Most of them will secure that into the frame, child is not going anywhere. There are so many strollers in the market now. It is very difficult to pick one specific one, each one has its own purpose and its own use.

    Next, we will be talking about light weight strollers or umbrella strollers. The most practical thing about umbrella strollers is, typically, they are only weighing anywhere from 10 or 13, some will weigh a little bit more, up to 15 pounds. If you are using something like this, it's basically every day use. Also, for storage in the car, they compact really small and don't take up a lot of weight.

    A more substantial stroller would be a All-terrain or better known as a three-wheeler. What makes it a all-terrain is the size of the tires. The bigger the radius on the tires, the easier the push is always going to be on the stroller. Most common functions behind them is they give us bigger canopies for the outdoors, covering the children a lot more, they have given us full recline. So if they are very young, they don't have to sit still straight-up, they will lay to almost a flat position. Their average in weights anywhere from 17 to 20 pounds. One of the easiest things in the market is they are easy to fold than what they used to be. Also for compaction, they do not take up a lot of room in the vehicles either.

    Most all-terrain strollers now average weigh and will hold children of about 50 pounds or some will go even higher up to 75 pounds. For everyday use when you are out in the streets or you are walking into the playgrounds, 90% of the times we have, which is, standard grass. The bigger the radius on the tires, the easier will be to push over that terrain. If you are an active runner, then now make also running all-terrains.

    Typically known as joggers, when it comes to the average jogger out there, if you notice, they will have bigger tires. This is one of the biggest models that we carry with the 16 inch wheel radius. It's still giving us big canopies, full recline, a fixed front wheel. If you are running, you never want to leave that wheel loose because it will bobble and throw you offset. Also, when it comes to compaction and fold, they are very functional and folds very small.

    Now for travel purposes, if you ever had to take them to the beach, or the park, or travel anywhere, they are also actually very easy to make really small and compact. Average weights on these types of all-terrains are from 20-25 pounds. Now we will be talking about double all-terrains. When it comes to the double all-terrain, one of the most common things you will also notice is, that they have very large wheels, really big canopies, and full recline. Also, they are holding a lot more weight than 75 pounds, they are actually holding individually 50 pounds each seat, total of a 100 pounds and they are folding exactly the same way.

    They are very compact, they had a quick release wheels, they are averaging somewhere of weights of 33 pounds of lifting and storing in to your vehicle. If you are not a jogger, they also make all-terrains for the common streets. Again, the biggest benefits behind it is, when it comes to outdoors, they do have really big canopies, adjustable straps for full recline, they are also very easy to fold, and very compact for storage and travel purposes. They are weighing anywhere from 22 pounds, they also hold the maximum weight of 50 pounds each seat, total of a 100 pounds.

    So those are some tips on stroller choices. Next, we will be talking about Playpens.