Baby Registry – Swings & Front Carriers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Esandra Castro with Great Beginnings discusses what you need for your baby registry including swings and baby carriers.

    Esandra (ph) Castro: Hi I am Esandra (ph) Castro with Great Beginnings showing you how to make a perfect baby registry. Now we will be speaking about swings and baby carriers. Swings will hold the maximum weight of 25 pounds. The newer models will actually have features like forward-facing or side-facing seats. If your baby ever has Acid Reflux, the advantage of a side-swinging seat is actually that is allowing the child no longer to move or have milk coming up and down on him. It will have the swinging motion towards the side. Also newer features that are on the swing is you have two options. When it comes to it, you now have options of plugging into walls which would save a lot of money on batteries but if you ever travel, they are also given the option of battery operation. Also when it comes to removable mobile and a removable tray with a three point harness, which makes it a lot easier putting your child inside of the seat and allowing you access without having to bang their head. Also they have a center cross for when they are older, you don't have to worry about them scooting out too far, and they also have the option of sitting up straight when they have their head and neck control.

    Most of the newer swings that have hit the market in just the last year will have the same options, except the seat is actually completely removable for easy travel or setting anywhere when you are running in the house. They will also give it a reclining back, so if the baby is small you can have a scoot further back, when they are older they would set it a little bit straighter up. They also have the same feature as the older models with a removable center up bar. With the newer models, you also have the options from side-to-side or front to back. Now as we were talking about front carriers, biggest benefit is that you actually having a weight starting off with from 8 to 25 pounds. The most common models that are out there are actually giving us more support than they ever have before with a lumbar, highly recommended over the ones that have been out for years without. If you do not have the carrier in the proper position, the biggest problem without the lumbar is when you have those center plate too high, as a child gains weight it pushed pressure on your lower back or if it's too low, it throws you off balance, and then it offsets your body which really does hurt. With the lumbar support now when you are getting ready to put him on, they will hold your spine. No matter how much the child is gaining in the weight, it will always keep that center balance of the carrier. The other features that I have added onto the front carriers is you have the option at very first, when you starting off baby facing you. They would have head adjustable harness and as they get bigger, they will also have the options of control on the legs so the baby won't slide out. Most carriers also don't fit everybody properly. Before you purchase one, it is also recommended you try them out and make sure they fit you properly. Also as the baby gets older, you have the option of forward facing them, once they get a little older they like to be curious and seeing everything coming at them instead of go away from them. They still give us the support that we need and their arms and legs will be further out. So those are some ideas on swings and carriers. Next Joe will be showing you about bedding.