Baby Shower Favors and Baby Gifts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford discusses baby showers and baby gifts.

    Christina Crawford: Hi! I am Christina Crawford and I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I have been stamping for a dozen years now. And you know it sounds like a lot, but I have had so much fun, the time has flown for sure. Over the time I have noticed that I have really created a lot of baby announcements for my friends and invitations and some thank you notes too. So this video is titled How to Create Adorable Baby Announcements. And I am also showing you how to create some picture announcements, and some favors for baby showers, and some thank you notes. Right now, I want to show you a couple of ideas one of the day, because it uses a baby shower favor. And another one is an adorable baby gift. First, let me show you the really cute idea for the baby shower. So you are having a baby shower, you invite all the family and friends over and it's always nice to have a little present at everybody's plates. In my other video that you might want to check out weddings you will see some favors in their and you can so the same one for a baby shower. But this is also a cute idea and it's using a very popular technique called Rub-ons.

    So what I have done is, I have taken some Votive Candle Holders and you can get these at a lot of different stores and I went and I rubbed on Cherish. Just to demonstrate that though, I have a little flower here, I went ahead and cut it out. The Rub-ons come on a sheet and for me it's easier to cut out the ones that I want to use, and use those instead of lapping the whole sheet on that and using just with your heart. The Rub-on is actually sandwiched between two pieces of paper. So you are going to take the bottom and you are just going to take the bone folder. You can use the pampered chef pan scraper if you want to. The bone folder is quite handy for paper crafts, thats why I do use it a lot. And then you are going to peal off that backing and the smaller, it is the harder it is. So let me give it a little flower at the end of cherish, and then I am going to hold right down, sometimes they are little sticky. So as soon as it touches the surface, it's not going to go anywhere. I am going to holds it down and tape my bone folder and just rub it on. And that's they are called Rub-ons. Sometimes people call them, Transfers because an image transfers on to the object, so Rub-ons are transfers. And give it a good rub and then go ahead and start peeling of that paper. And if you noticed, like me I guess because I am too busy talking here. If the image isn't rubbed on all the way go back over and do it again you really don't want to pull off that packing too fast because you won't have the rub-on image. And work it slowly taking a peek and then once you have the paper off, use your finger or your thumb there and just push it right down and there you have the Rub-on. So, great saver idea is to use the Votive Candle and you can get this in a lot of different colors and scents. Drop that right in there. There you go also fill it up with chocolate. I bet you are surprised that you can use chocolate on this one and drop that right inside of a cello bag and it just makes it look like a present that way. You can put other things inside of that too, if you want to like paper shredding, and then use the matching color ribbon and tie that around. Again a favor is a present it's like thank you for coming to the shower and everybody likes to go home with them. Especially, if it's something that they can eat, or if they can use, little memo pads are fun too, oh my gosh I probably could do whole thing on different favors and gifts, memo pads, they are really cute and fun to give to everybody could use that. And take off that excess ribbon just by giving it a little snip. Be careful not to cut your ribbon to short. A lot of times people like oh it's too long, but it really gives a beautiful look when that ribbon is kind of going right over your project. Sometimes if the top is too uneven you can take scissors and cut top of that, but that is just one cute little idea and that's using Rub-ons. My friend made this one her name is Jennifer Turoff and she is up in New York and she made this one with Ryan. Now the way that you do this is you need an alphabet set and then some kind of an embellishment set to whether it be dinosaurs, or flowers, or cars, or anything. And so what you are going to do is cut those out and just lay them aside. Now, the frame part is easy, you can go to a lot of different retail stores, discount stores and you can go ahead and buy these frames. This one happen to be found in Walmart for $3, there is a big $3 frame section, and you just pop that out from the back and everything is pretty much done for you which is why I love this gift idea so much. You take the piece of paper out and you trace it, and whatever size this paper is that is the paper that you are going to use to cut out and then embellish as you wish. The mat well this one has a window so, if you want to use that you can, you can put the words right on top like you can see with this is almost like a three dimensional. Jennifer took the dinosaurs and she had them go inside and outside of the color mat that she created beautiful. I love it that it can say the baby's name on it because every mom wants to see their baby's name in writing and even on a picture to hang on the wall. So I hope that's a pretty basic pretty fun idea for you I think you can find lots of different size frame. Alphabet sets, different kind of stamps and a whole bunch of fun colors to use. So this is a great idea for those new babies that your friends or your family are having, maybe you are having. So have fun making that too. So I hope that you enjoyed that videos on How to Make Baby Announcement and different some things for babies, enjoy. Thank You.