Baby Shower Hanging Flower Decoration

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Kimberly Van Diepen demonstrates how to create fun baby shower decorations using paper and rubber stamps.

    Kimberly Van Diepen: Hi! My name is Kimberly Van Diepen. I am a Stampin' Up Demonstrator and I today I am going to show you how to make this adorable hanging baby flower decoration for your next baby shower.

    Start off with the decorative piece of pink paper. I am going to use my Fiskars trimmer. I want to score each line on my pattern paper which measures 1010. The reason you want to do that is so that you can create a fan like this.

    Once you get all the way to the end make sure it's the nice and tight and you are going to fold it in half. When you are folding it in half, be sure that the ends are meeting up with each other.

    Now I am going to use a snail adhesive. I am going to put a couple of layers of that on and I am just going to fold it back so it meets. Now we are going to take and join the two fans together to make one big flower.

    To do that, I am going to take my adhesive, I am going to really give a lot of adhesive on one side and I am going to meet up with the other piece and now we want to do it to this piece. I am going to bring this all the way around so the two pieces meet and then just squeeze those again together and now we have one big flower.

    Now to adhere the flower to your big piece of paper here, you can do a couple of things. One of my favorite things to use is the Mono green glue, just going to apply a nice big glob of it right in the center. We are going to make a banner and this sheet of paper is 11 2.

    5 inches.

    Now I've already gone ahead and die cut some baby letters but I want to add a little texture to that -- to those die cuts. So I am going to use a roller and I am going to line up my die cuts and I am just going to go straight across.

    Now we need to apply those letters to our whisper white card stock. We are going to use just snail adhesive to adhere our letters and we want those centered. One thing we are going to do is we are going to cut a V on each of the ends to create a banner, you are going to take the cutter kit and you are going to use the nail portion to roughen the front.

    Now what we are going to do is we are going to add a little blink to this by using the green mono glue, I am going to just give it a little sprinkle up at the top with the flue and we are going to use a champagne glitter and now your banner has a nice blink to the top and the bottom.

    The next thing we want to do is just add our banner to our decorative piece. Now I'm going to go ahead and add that again using this green mono glue. Once you attach your ribbon to the top your project is complete and that's how you make a hanging baby flower decoration good for any baby shower that you have.