Baby Sleep Training – Weeks 6 – 8

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baby Expert Suzy Giordano discusses weeks six through eight of baby sleep training.

    Suzy Giordano Baxter: Hi! I'm Suzy Giordano Baxter also known as the Baby Coach. I'm here to guide you in how to teach your baby to sleep through the night. Week six through eight your baby will reach a developmental stage that will translate in the significant increase of your baby's crying. In average, the peak time for the crying is between 5 p.

    m. and 11 p.

    m. By now, you are sleep deprived yourself. So keep yourself in check. Around this period, all babies will experience some degree of discomfort. So be prepared. At this point, you would like to be where your baby is able to stretch every three hours. You want to stretch the time in between feedings. The idea behind is, if your baby is waking up every two-and-a-half hours, try to get your baby to go 15 minutes. Make your baby a little bit hungrier so he will eat a little bit more so he will go a little bit longer. Your goal should be no sooner than three hours but as long as four hours. During this couple of weeks where you are trying to stretch the feedings of your baby. It's okay to assist your baby more than usual. Sing to your baby, walk around the house, distract, 15 minutes increment will get you far. Any tool that will assist your baby to stretch a little bit longer at this point you should be using. At night as you are stretching your baby, you don't want to stimulate your baby as much as you would during the day. So try to keep it dark, quiet, but do assist your baby on stretching those feedings as well. These are some things to keep in mind during weeks six through eight. Coming up next, what to do during weeks eight through twelve.