Back To School Fitness Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow shares his top tips for a back to school fitness routine.

    John Basedow: One of the greatest parts of childhood is participating in sports. Whether you are a basketball, baseball or soccer player, most people have participated in athletics at some point in their lives. As kids head back to school, here are some tips to get them into the fitness guru and out of the summer slum.

    A new school year means a fresh start for many kids. Having a new fitness routine ready to go once school begins will not only help your kids manage their time better, but it will help them stick to an established routine once their schedule goes from pool side to the classroom.

    Childhood obesity is all too common these days and parents need to amp up the responsibility before bad habits develop as kids get older. To prevent obesity parents should encourage their children to get involved with sports or other athletic activities and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Getting your kids to participate in activities not only improves physical health, but can improve your social skills as well. Sports and fitness activities are the only priority though when it comes to your kid's health.

    Parents need to be a good influence by providing a healthy and nutritious diet at home and helping kids make smart choices when selecting food they eat at school. Packing sensible lunches and providing healthy and delicious meals at home are two easy ways to ensure kids are meeting nutritional needs.

    Sending your kids back to school with the right attitude about living a healthy lifestyle will pave the way for other positive outcomes throughout the year. Health can improve brain function, energy levels and overall attitude. So by helping your kids get healthy, you are making them smarter, happier and ready to conquer anything.