Backgammon Blitz Game Part 1 – End Game

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Vic Morawksi, expert backgammoner, teaches the basic to the game including the blitz or the attacking game.

    Vic Morawski: Hi, I am Vic and today we are introducing you to the game of Backgammon. We would like to look at a game plan next where you try to close your opponent out before he or she can even get going. The blitz or the attacking game. What you see here is an example of a situation, you as blue would like to be in after you have successfully executed a blitz game.

    Note, blue here has entirely closed out his or her inner board and white unfortunately has not one but two checkers on the bar and remember the rule for checkers on the bar, white cannot move any other checker here until these checkers have been entered from the bar. So blue from this position will bear off and white cannot move until blue has opened up at least one point. So, basically a blitz consists in relentlessly attacking your opponent in your inner board so that they can't even get going. Note blue or rather white here has not advanced very far at all and so that is the end of what you would like to achieve in a blitz game. Next we will talk about some opening rolls that might get you into a blitz situation.