Backyard Grilling – Chicken Drumettes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Grilling Expert Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to grill chicken drumettes.

    Mike Hedrick: Hey guys! Mike Hedrick, Pit Crew Barbeque. Today, we're working on that holiday grilling weekend. It's going to be fantastic. Something, I want to show you right now, I really love. My friend CB from Sizzle on the Grill, part of Char-Broil, has what we called CB's Batch of Chicken Drumettes. I like the whole idea. A change to season it around, just a little bit on the front end, but I like what he does on the end by just kind of pouching everything up in aluminum foil with some wine in there.

    So what we've got here, is we've got some chicken drumettes. I've gone ahead and separated the little wing piece off of there and then the two bone piece from the drumette. What I like to do -- this is about 20 wings, so this is going to feed maybe four of you guys or maybe two of you guys, or maybe don't even invite anybody at all. This is just 20 wings, you can eat this up yourself.

    We're going to go ahead and put on probably about two, two-and-a-half ounces of virgin olive oil. I'll like to go ahead and fill on a splash of sesame oil. You've got to be little careful of this stuff, because it's really powerful and it can overwhelm. You want to go ahead and add in, probably about another two tablespoons of some lime juice and then go ahead and get that kind of moved around a little bit. You want to get that everything kind of wadded up, and ready for those dry ingredients that you have.

    So I'm going to go ahead and use our Pit Crew Barbeque chicken rub. This is the garden herb variety. I like it because I like the big bold flavor that it has in there, and you can just see the ingredients, you could just see the rosemary and the garlic pieces, and you could just smell that already. It smells fantastic. So we want to go ahead and get this mixed up, add in the little bit more. So everything is covered really well.

    Now in this instance somebody getting all the flavor and then you just got a raw chicken piece with nothing up in there. So that's not going to work that good. Now that we've get even and all coated real well, we want to go ahead and get it on this grill. We got the grill really hot. We've brought it up to probably this Char-Broil goes up to like 700-800 degree. But then we backed it down, we backed it down to probably about 300-350.

    I just like to dump them on there, move them around, so they all got some space. They're not touching each other. This in for red grills. It doesn't have any hot spots. Everything is going to be perfect. We are going to go ahead and let this grill up probably about five to seven minutes on this side here and I then flip them over. But we need to get that the grill top closed, because if you are looking, you ain't cooking. The chicken has been broiling probably about 15-20 minutes. We are going to let it go about to ten minutes on each side, flipped them around. We've got some amazing grill marks on this chicken.

    So what we're going to do now is, this is really the part about CB's recipe that I really like. We are going to go ahead and take this chicken, get it on here, as quick as we can. If you've got a hot, you always want to remember use long tongs. That way you're safe from the heat. Then we're going to get this chicken on here, and we're going to make kind of like little bowl around it, little bit of a tent. Then what we're going to do inside that, is really the part that I really like about his recipe, the Sizzle on the Grill part of it, is we're going to add just a little bit of the white wine and put it back on here, and just let it go ahead and steam for a just a little bit. So we'll go ahead and make a little bit of a bowl, bring it up around, just like that, so we can still see our chicken.

    We've got about a quarter cup, maybe a little bit more white wine might have been a little bit more for we started. And we're just going to kind of drizzle that on top right on here, like this. We're going to set this back out in the cooker, probably about another five to seven minutes. We're going to let that wine just kind of work its a way up out of there. It's going to leave that chicken not only moist, but just the flavor, and this is going to be incredible. So just another few moments on this.

    And what we've got now, is we've got some of the most crisped up, but then still moist and tasty chicken wings you ever had. I just love every bit of that. Get this out on your plate and they could go little bit everywhere. So there you go for folks. That CB's Batch of Chicken Drumettes. You're going to really love these.