Backyard Grilling – Vegetable & Steak Grilled Kabobs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video Mike Hedrick, BBQ Expert, will demonstrate how to make grilled vegetable and steak kabobs.

    Mike Hedrick: Hey guys! Mike Hedrick, Pit Crew Barbeque, showing you just a ton of different recipes that you can use on any kind of holiday weekend, grilling around your house. This next one, I really love. Everybody loves Kabobs because -- Why? You could put anything that you wanted on there. If you wanted chicken, you could make chicken kabobs, chicken on a stick, just just any kind of delight.

    What we're going to do is I have a couple of pounds or some really top sirloin steak. You don't have to go get your Filet Mignon or you T-bone and cut those up, those are great cuts, those are great for grilling. But you want to have a really good top steak. So what I've done here, is I've got a top sirloin. I cut it in about one, one-and-half-inch nice big cubes. To kind of get it going, and kind of marinate it just a little bit, you could do this ahead of time, if you wanted to. I'm going to get just probably two -- about two tablespoon, something like -- I've some Soy Sauce, and then we're going to go ahead and add in just a little bit of some Sesame Seeds here, and then a good amount of our -- it's our Pepper Crusted Beef rub. This is great when you really look at -- you could just see the big bowl flavors, and the bowl spices that are on there. We're going to get that mixed up real good, and then what we'll do is we'll go ahead and alternate between some of these, and then some different vegetables that we like.

    Today, we're going to go ahead and use a lot of just hot peppers, and green peppers, and orange and yellow peppers a lot for color, but the flavor as well and some onions. If you're using wooden skewers, you want to make sure that you've soaked these down. We've soaked these down for, probably about an hour or so on each side and then just start building, just some really great loveliness. We're going to go ahead and get some red pepper, some green, and you can just see how you could just kind of build the colors as you go.

    On yellow peppers, put a little bit onion on top of that, and you can see how we're just building, just some incredible amount of just flavor and goodness, maybe now the pepper on there. Move that on down, and there is a lot of fun too. You can have your kids do this ahead of time, and get this things prepped up. That way they feel like that they've had their own individual, lot of fun on the whole thing.

    Okay, we've got the grill rolling probably at about 400 degrees. We've got it really hot, and probably about 500 degrees, turn this temperature on down just a little bit. We want to serene, but we want to cook this for a good amount of time. You're going to know that these are done, when they probably take about 20 minutes total. We're going to flipping them about every five minutes or so, kind of keep moving them around, and then we'll go ahead and probably just put a little bit of -- just some Soy Sauce on that to get going. Let's go ahead and get these started, I'll make up these other ones and these are going to be awesome. It's been been about 20-25 minutes. We've been flipping each kabobs about every five minutes or so, getting great grill marks on every side. You can do the internal temperature, which will go to about 145 for like a medium rare steak. But you can kind of just look at on the steak, it's going to cook up about the same time that the zucchinis, and the green, and orange, and the red peppers are all just going to kind of soften up at that same time.

    Look at that folks, that's amazing. These are going to be so good, everybody is going to like these because for one thing you could just kind of grab up your own stick. If you see the one it has more onion on there, you grab that one. If you like meat, you look for the one that's got the three pieces of steak on there, and that's the one that you grab.

    My wife likes all of these zucchinis, and the peppers and everything. So those are the one's that she grabs. So you can just kind of grab whatever you want. The best part about it is, you can have a kabob in one hand, your best favorite libation in the other hand, and you're just doing really great. Check that out folks.