Bad News for the Ocean

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The International Programme on the State of the Ocean warms that climate change is significantly affecting the ocean will lead to extinction of species and a decrease in biodiversity if the problem is not addressed.

    The International Programme on the State of the Ocean warns that the ocean is absorbing much of the warming from climate change as well as unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide, causing the extinction of some species and a decline in marine biodiversity.  Researchers say that the ocean’s oxygen content will decline by somewhere between one and seven percent by the year 2100, partly as a result of increased nutrient runoff in coastal areas from agriculture and sewage.  The water is also becoming more acidic, threatening ocean life.  And as with all climate change news, researchers say the key is to limit carbon dioxide emissions as soon as possible, especially since there is a lag time of several decades for CO2 in the atmosphere to dissolve into the oceans.