Balancing Work and Family – Control and Remote Control

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kathy Ameche, Traveler-in-Chief of, discusses control and remote control.

    Kathleen Ameche: Hi! I am Kathy Ameche and I am discussing how to balance work and family life. Now, I am going to talk about how to recognize the things you can and can't control in your life. An example of things you can control and can't control on your work life is, you can control the content of your presentation to the board, but you can't control if the computer breaks down in the middle of it. But by having a backup presentation saved on your junk drive will allow you to respond to the crisis with ease. When you have a family, it's very important to know who is and what is your remote control? Who is handling things when you are not there? Where are the kids? What are the things you can delegate? What is the easiest and most effective use of your time in and out of the office? For instance, you can control the kids activities after school, but you can't control if one of them gets sick. Having a backup plan and who you can call to take care of your child is important and it will give you some relief until you can get home. One great rule to live by, get a guy. How often are you talking to your girlfriend saying, I need someone who can help me with X? Who responds, I have got a guy. Well get yourself a guy or a bunch of them for that matter. A CEO of an organization knows he can't do it all. Well, ladies, you are the CEO of your life, think of each area of your life, family, personal, fitness, grooming, health, career as different divisions in your organization. Identify the areas you need help and find help for them. Be able to be the one who tells her friends, I have got a guy. Hired help doesn't have to be full-time or too expensive. You might need someone who can swoop in and help you in the short term. For example, my husband and I have a Summer Solstice party every year. I used to do all the cooking, party prep and clean up. I have learned over the years that I am just as effective and have a lot more fun if I plan the menu, outsource some items, cook the others that I love to do, and have help in set up and cleaning. I am fresher for our guests this way and have alleviated a lot of unnecessary pressure for myself. So what is your support team? Sub contractors, experts and friends, who you are going to call, who is your guy? You can't do it alone. Recognize where you need assistance and build your team. Here are some ideas; personal assistant, personal shopper, housekeeper and even trusted friend, who will hold you accountable. If you are uncomfortable with this idea, once a week, ask someone for help. Women have a difficult time asking for help. So if you begin to condition yourself that it is okay to ask for assistance and start seeing positive results that will make your life a lot easier in the long run. There are things in your life that are uncontrollable. Your child gets sick, your parents need help, your support team should be there to back you up. So that's how to recognize the things you can and can't control in your life. Up next, I am going to talk about how to identify and work through a crisis.