Balancing Work and Family – Getting Help from Others

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kathy Ameche, Traveler-in-Chief of, discusses getting help from others.

    Kathleen Ameche: HI! I am Kathy Ameche and I am discussing how to balance work and family life. Now I am going to talk about where you can get help when you need it.

    Everyone needs coaches, friends, mentors and cheerleaders to help manage their life and career. Just like you need to get guy for help with the more mundane home tasks, coaches, friends, and cheerleaders are equally important in providing balance. When you graduated from college, there was a career counselor that helped you find that first job. But so many women I have spoken with, have talked about they have an identity crisis or wake up and find that they hate their profession and career. It is a rare woman or man for that matter, that doesn't have doubts and wonders, if they are on the right track from time to time.

    Mentors are invaluable. Find yourself one and also give back. Friends and cheerleaders are those people in your life who will pick you up at the airport late at night or come out in their pajamas to take you to an early flight. She is also someone who will water your plants, or feed your cat. Beyond that, she will tell you when you have spinach on your teeth, toilet paper hanging off your shoe, or if your tag is showing. Support and professional groups are another good way to network and find the help you need. For instance, I belong to a number of different networking groups. I know the last thing you want to do is have another commitment you have already in your hectic life. But you would be amazed that how making connections will benefit you and your career in the long run. Don't limit yourself to networking with people within your profession. I have met wonderful, powerful women in groups that are not focused on technology. Information and education are also important to your work life balance, never stop learning.

    Find something new everyday to learn or achieve. It keeps you fresh and interested in life. Look to your company or local or junior college or online classes you can take. But don't limit it to your profession. What's your passion? Cooking? Sports? Writing? In conclusion, the truth is work life balance is not possible everyday. If you are training for the Olympics, you don't focus on work life balance. If you are running a marathon, you don't have balance. Sometime, it's all about focusing on the task at hand, that's when you'll have the most satisfaction and when you'll do your best work. You can have balance over your lifetime and over your career. It does no good to stand with a foot in a bucket of ice water and a foot in a bucket of hot water, and an attempt to come up with an average temperature. Some days are hot, some days are cold. Some days are the windshield, sometime you are the bug; overtime you learn to ride the wave, rest when you can, appreciate the flow when it comes.

    So savor the good moments and forget the rest. It's worth the effort and investment in yourself to figure out what you want, make a plan to get there and find some peace and love in this crazy world we are living in. Keep perusing the dream, it's the only chance you get. Now go, find a greater balance and ultimately greater fulfillment in life. You are a star.