Balloon Into Near-Space

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    World View announces its plan for a helium balloon with an attached capsule to carry six passengers at a time to the edge of space.

    A new Arizona-based startup, called World View, announced plans for a helium balloon with a capsule that would take six passengers at a time to the edge of space.  After an hour and a half ascension, passengers spend 2hours “admiring the world from on high”--actually 100,000 feet high. And I like how they added this on their website…. “while you sip your beverage of choice.”  You better drink your $75k worth.  Balloon passengers won’t get the perk of feeling the weightlessness of microgravity but the company says that they will get a majestic view, and “the curvature of the Earth will simply take your breath away.”  What’s certain to take your breath away is the descent.  After the two hour viewing, the capsule disconnects and begins a freefall that is slowed by a parafoil for landing.  World View still has a lot of testing and doesn’t expect the first flights until 2016 but plans to start selling tickets next month.