Ballroom Dancing – Tango Recap

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional dance instructor Terry Dean demonstrates the full tango dance.

    Terry Dean

    Terry is the owner and principal male dance instructor of Terry Dean’s Dance Studio, in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has been teaching ballroom dancing for 30 years and opened his own successful studio following a 19 year career with Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Terry has received accolades for his choreography and has been honored as Virginia State’s Top Studio and Top Teacher twice. He and his staff teach students of all levels, whether they are interested in social dancing, exhibition dancing, or competitive ballroom dance sport. He has led many of his students to win top level gold medal competitions, and he is pleased to share his expertise with you today.

    Hi, I am Terry Dean from Terry Deans Dance Studio, were teaching the tango. Now, were going to combine all the different patterns that we have done so you can get an idea of the look and the character of the tango. Tango is a great dance, and if you can dance the tango, you can dance any of the dances. The most important thing to do is to start getting some feeling to all the different dances. So, here we go, were going to put them altogether. First, were going to do the basic step; T-A-N-G-O, then the promenade; T-A-N-G-O, then the lunge; T-A-N-G-O, the basic; T-A-N-G-O, the lunge; T-A-N-G-O, promenade; T-A-N-G-O, T-A-N-G-O, basic tango.

    Hope you had a lot of fun learning this. Tango is a great dance. Remember that some of dances are going to be harder than the others, and you may or may not be able to get them perfectly by yourself, so call your local dance teacher if you have any problems. Im sure they can accommodate you and teach you how to do it. Tango is a great dance, and I think you will have a lot of fun dancing, everybody loves the tango.