Ballroom Dancing – The Basic Rumba Posture

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional dance instructor Terry Dean demonstrates the basic Rumba posture.

    Terry Dean

    Terry is the owner and principal male dance instructor of Terry Dean’s Dance Studio, in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has been teaching ballroom dancing for 30 years and opened his own successful studio following a 19 year career with Arthur Murray Dance Studios. Terry has received accolades for his choreography and has been honored as Virginia State’s Top Studio and Top Teacher twice. He and his staff teach students of all levels, whether they are interested in social dancing, exhibition dancing, or competitive ballroom dance sport. He has led many of his students to win top level gold medal competitions, and he is pleased to share his expertise with you today.

    Hi! I am Terry Dean from Terry Deans Dance Studio. We are doing the rumba. Now, we are going to demonstrate the posture and the basic hold and look of the rumba.

    The idea in the rumba is that it is a rounded top. So, we are going to keep it nice and round as if you are holding a beach ball and you are kind of lean in towards each other. So, our body weight is in the balls of the feet, like so. We are going to -- kind of stay in towards each other as oppose to staying out away from each other. So, we are in instead of out okay. We are on the balls of our feet, so that is what brings us in. So, it will always both in the balls of the feet.

    Now, in the rhythm dances, the ladys hand is going to be a little bit more behind the man. So, its kind of on the shoulders and his on her shoulder blade. So, we can kind of fill out that hand a little bit. So, it is not quite on the top; its not underneath; its just on the back slightly. It gives us a nice round appearance.

    So, the whole idea when we are dancing the rumba is to make sure that we have a nice round top and that the firm -- its a firm top, so that it does not fall down. We dont want the top to break on one side or break on the other side. Its when we are dancing, it doesnt move around. It just stays and we move the rest of our body, our hips, and our ribcage but our top, arms stay solid and connected and that way we can do the lead and followup the basic pattern. So, anyway thats the basic posture of the rumba and the basic look.

    Now, we are going to do fifth position rocks.