Bandini Swimsuit Trends

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Holly and Melissa from MYO Magazine discuss the latest swimsuit trends this year including bandinis.

    Holly: Hi! I am Holly.

    Melissa: And I am Melissa from MYO Magazine. And we are here in sunny Laguna Beach to talk swimwear trends for 2013.

    Holly: The bandini is a great in between top. We are seeing it in so many fun styles and prints.

    Melissa: It's a perfect top if you are not ready to hit the pool in a tiny-tiny bikini, but not wanting to wear one piece either.

    Holly: On Gretchen, we have the Athena Waimea Bandini which we paired with a banded pant. It has a blouson fit and a banded bottom, so it covers any stomach trouble zones, but also still flatters your shape. Thanks Gretchen.

    Melissa: Lindsay is wearing the Splendid Malibu Stripe Bandini worn with the tunnel side pant. This two-piece has a great nautical feel with the navy and white stripes in the pop of coral. The diagonal lines along with bust line actually draw the eye up, so it gives an illusion of an all over swimming look. Thanks Lindsay.

    Holly: The bandini is a perfect in between top. Make sure you give this style a try on your next shopping trip.