Bar Basics – How to do a Full Bottle Routine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Flair bartender Moe Harris demonstrates how to do a full bottle routine.

    Moe Harris

    Moe began his career behind the bar 13 years ago on the beaches of Acapulco Mexico. Since then, Not only has he bartended all over the world, but competed in and won various local, national and international competions in speed, accuracy and flair. He has been teaching his trade at the Professional Bartending School in Arlington Va since 2002. He has also taught bartending for the O.A.S (Organization of American States) in the Caribbean, as well as led alcohol based seminars for the Smithsonian institution in Washington D.C. and made various t.v appearances exhibiting flair. In 2005 Moe took his show from behind the bar, and put it on stage where he and his flair bartending friends put on their "POUR BOY" show. The show is a flair bartending exhibiton, where he and his friends perform in an all night event showcasing their bottle flipping talents. When asked what the most important part of bartending, Moe responds "Service...good service will always make up for a horrible drink, but a great drink will never make up for bad service.".

    Moe Harris: Hi guys my name is Moe Harris and Im here at the Professional Bartending School in Arlington Virginia. Now, before I show you some of these flips that we are going to be doing, one very important thing that you have to realize is you can't just flip any bottle.

    There is many things you could do with full bottles, and half way full bottles, but in terms of actual rotations, in flipping the bottle like this you can really only have a little bit of liquid in the bottle, otherwise what happen is, I could tell you, but its just might be better if I could show you is that. Not, only is boss going to be upset by the waste of the alcohol, but the customers are going to be really upset when they are covered with gin and they havent had anything to drink yet. So, it isnt important that work only with a little bit of alcohol. There are many things that you can do with the full bottle and we will show you some of those things, but in terms of actual rotation, just a little bit alcohol. Today, I'm going to show you a quick little pouring technique that could be done with a full bottle, no matter what the --how full this is, its something that could be done quickly and easily at your bar. First thing we are going to do, is we are going to take the bottle and pull it straight out of the speed rack, right into a stall.

    . All I'm going to do is basically lift my hand. I'm not even tossing it, I'm just kind of lift it up like this and allow to fall behind my back and I'm going to catch it like that. To show you what happens behind my back, you will notice that my hand doesnt do any grabbing. It literally just falls right into the back of my hand.

    So, again once I have it up like this, stick my hand right back here and allow to fall right there. So, I'm going stay in this position, all I'm going to do is grab a tin and throw behind my back. This is honestly something guys thats you just going to have to go home and practice for a few hours. This is really as this target practice, but hopefully we will get it on the first try. Just like that. Now, that I have caught it right there I simply have to take the whole thing and flip it upside down and pour right into your glass. Lets try this again in full speed. Up into a stall, back, a little spin, hopefully you pour into a glass.