Barefoot Preserve: Florida’s Last Barrier Island

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Barefoot Preserve is is one of Florida’s last barrier islands that hasn’t been developed or washed away. It’s also a top rated beach with tidal creeks and mangrove swamps for a fishing paradise.

    Robin Kay: Hi! I'm Robin Kay and I'm here at Barefoot Beach and Preserve in Naples Florida. And this has to be one of the best beaches I've ever went to. And it's not just me that think so, this beach was rated 6th best beach in America by Doctor Beach. And it's not just a random honor that they hand out, there's a lot of criteria that a beach has to meet before being named a top beach from sands softness, to rip tides, to the amount of yearly rain, to water color, even near by noise and public safety are factored into it. Let's see fine sand, it's quite, the color of the water spectacular, the surface is gentle and very shallow, it's great swimming fun for families of all ages and there's one of my favorite things to do tons of shells to admire and collect.

    Cindy Kaven: This one of the last undeveloped barrier islands here in Florida and thats one of the things that gives us a preserve status so when you come here you're going to see all kind of natural wild life thats been undisturbed. We also have a couple of bob cats who live here in the preserve. This is also a gopher tortoise sanctuary we have over 200 gopher tortoise here in the preserve, they are a protected species, they do live underground and they love to have their pictures taken so when you come through keep your eye up for the gopher tortoise.

    Robin Kay: I'm here on the inland side of the island which I've been told is a fishermans paradise, because of the tidal creeks and mangrove estuary which serve as breeding areas for great fish. Bird watching can be fun and Barefoot Beach Preserve has it. It's home to a number of nesting brides like the osprey, the heron, the snowy egret, ibis and so much more.

    Cindy Kaven: Probably one of the most favorite places to be if you like quite and solitude is just taken nice stroll, it's a mile hike from parking lot 3 down to the vegans past through the nature trail. You'll love it its great.

    Robin Kay: I'm back here on the beach and around time there's a good chance you may see a dolphin pass by or you can just sit relax, meditate and enjoy incredible scenery. This is Robin Kay taking time out to enjoy a relaxing moment at Barefoot Beach Preserve.