Bartending – How to Pour Liquor

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Josh Dubois is going to show you how to pour liquor.

    Joshua Dubois

    Joshua has bartended in several bars including The Pub in Brooklyn and Fatso's Lawrence, Kansas. Mixing drinks has been a passion for Josh since childhood when he used to mix his milk and chocolate syrup flair style on the playground. He then went through the school of hard knocks at The Pub in NYC under a career bartender whom had been bartending since the age of 13 in Ireland. He then spent two years at Fatso's Public House and Stage in Lawrence, KS under the supervision of bartending master Gavin Smith. He now resides in the DC metro area and bartends for private parties.

    Hi, I am Josh Dubois. Today, we re talking about basic bartending. Now, I am going to show you how to pour liquor. This is very, very important and earlier on when I was talking about what tools you need for bartending, I showed you one thing that I don t like using, and that is s measuring cup.

    I think that a measuring cup is like basically I equivilate it to training wheels for the bartending. It makes you look like an amateur, if you are using one of these and that s because you don t know how to pour right.

    So, I am going to show you the way to look like a professional bartender. Now, there are two different types of pourers that you can use when pouring a liquor bottle. You have to use a pourer because it's really hard to measure how much you pour when you just do that. That s a really, really hard thing to do and it's impossible to do really. So, you want to get a pourer, these come in a variety of styles. This is the one that we are going to be using that I actually prefer, which allows you to pour as much as you want, but you also need to know about this one, because some of your bars, they may require you to actually pour with this and it's called the Posi-Pour. What it does is, it goes in the top of the bottle like that and the when you are pouring into a drink it knows to cut it off at exactly two ounces.

    I really, really don t like these. I have had to use them before and I don t think that they are that great. They also cost a lot of money. You can probably buy about 20 of these for as much as one of these costs. I don t think that they are the greatest. They are just made for people wanting to control exactly how much liquor you are pouring into your drink and you can use them at home. If you are just starting out pouring, but I am going to show you why these are better and a really easy way to do when have in your head, what that pourer did for you.

    So, what you are going to do is, you are going to count and now the speed of your counting isn t really that important and this is something that really comes with a lot of practice. So, you re going to want to sit there and just practice that s over and over and over again and once you ve done it over and over and over again, you re probably going to get it right pretty much all the times.

    Now, there are different schools of thought as far as what to count to. There are schools that say count to three, but I like to count to four for a two ounces and the reason for that is because, if you are doing something that requires three ounces of liquor, you are going to want to pour six counts. It's divisible when you are counting to three.

    So, what you are going to do is you re going to take your bottle and you are going to always hold it by the neck. Now, when I was apprenticing in New York, my boss always told me, the bottles were built with a handle, use it. When you grab it right here, a lot of times the bottle that you are using are going to be slippery and wet and you don t want to grab them like here. I see it in bars all the time and it s definitely an amateur mistake.

    I also see people, that grab bottles like this. This is even worst. Now, grab the bottle by its handle. That s what it was put there for and you are going to count to four and the speed at which you count is about this. One& two& three& four& Now, and you are going to put that in there right up to the top. That s how you actually count and pour and you are going to do that every time, whether it's going into a glass with ice in it, that s going to be a single shot.

    This is a double shot. This is actually a double shot measuring thing. I know, you see a lot of people that pour like this. This to me is not nearly as cool as being able to count in your head and pour it into either a shaker tin or a glass. I think that that looks, kind of lame actually. I think that it looks way more impressive and like you really, really know what you are doing when you pour and you can go as high as you want and it will entertain your guests more and it will probably give you better tips, if you are actually working.

    So, let's go, one& two& three& four& five& six& seven& eight& . And you cut it off and then you pour it into the four ounce and it should come right to the tiptop every time. And that s going to be way more entertaining for your guests. You are going to make much more in tips, if you can actually count and pour and the most important thing is that it's the fastest way to bartend. If you have a high volume bar or if you have a lot of people at your party, you are going to want the fastest bartending possible and this pourer allows you to do that bartending as fast as possible. Next we re going to talk about, how to pour beer correctly.