Bartending Tools

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Josh Dubois is going to talk about the tools you will need for your own home bar.

    Joshua Dubois

    Joshua has bartended in several bars including The Pub in Brooklyn and Fatso's Lawrence, Kansas. Mixing drinks has been a passion for Josh since childhood when he used to mix his milk and chocolate syrup flair style on the playground. He then went through the school of hard knocks at The Pub in NYC under a career bartender whom had been bartending since the age of 13 in Ireland. He then spent two years at Fatso's Public House and Stage in Lawrence, KS under the supervision of bartending master Gavin Smith. He now resides in the DC metro area and bartends for private parties.

    Hi, I am Josh Dubois and we have been talking about basic bartending and now I am are going over the tools that are going to need for your own home bar. First thing you are going to need is a cutting board and a knife, good sharp knife and you want to always be careful with that, but we are going to be using that to cut-up some fruit. The second thing that you are going to need and it is a bartender s best friend is a bottle opener just like this.

    Now the reason that you want to have one just like this is because it goes in your back pocket and you can grab it and it just comes right there. This thing sticks out to your back pocket, it goes right there, you always know where it is and you can speed open bottles with it. This is the bartender s very best friend and you should not hire a bartender that doesn t carry one of these around. The next thing that a bartender is should always carry along is a lighter or matches, as you never know when it is going to come in handy either at your home bar or if you are actually bartending at a real bar and you may have somebody, that smokes cigarettes or they needs to candle lit. It always helpful to have this around and it really helps out with your tips. The next thing for your home bar and we are going to talk about these more when it actually comes to pouring is you are going to need some pourers. Now, these are actually hard to find sometimes, you can definitely get these online, but if you can also get them usually in home cooking stores. Cooking stores that have also stuff like pots and pans and sometimes they have these, sometimes you have to go look in the salad dressing oil at those home furnishing stores, because they keep them in there, because expect people to be pouring olive oil and sour with them. Very important and I will show you why it later when we actually do the pouring. Next you are going to want a container to put ice in or just a freezer around with ice or an ice bin and you are going to want to also have to scoop that ice, you never, never, dip that actual glass in to the ice because, if you break that glass in the ice you have to burn the entire thing of ice and it really- really slows down the flow of your bartending. Never, never put an actual glass in to ice, it is also dangerous and you can cut yourself really easy with it. The next thing you are going to, you may find helpful is to have some sort of measuring device, I am going to show you later why this is completely unnecessary and actually makes you little bit more like an amateur if you are using one.

    You can also keep a mixer around, but we won t really use that, that much and it is not really that important. Something that is important is a strainer. We are going to use this when straining a lot of shots and can use it when you are straining martinis, but I am going to show you the better way to actually strain it later.

    You are going to want to keep around shot glasses for measuring. Now I am going to show you something that are in absolute necessity and which ones are better to get. This is the shaker tin that you want to get. Now the reason for that is because you can take all sorts of glasses, pint glasses, bigger glasses like this and this is what you are going to want to mix in and I will show you why you want to do that later, but this is the best thing to mix in.

    Another thing that you are going to see a lot in people s home bars is a shaker tin like this and these are okay, they are going to workout fine, but I really prefer the other shaker tin and actually using a cup to them because it is just kind of amateur and you know you shake it like that, it does look cool, but I am going to show you why the other stuff is a way better later. One thing that is very-very important to have around is a bartending book that has drinks in it. Now the best bartender in the world doesn t know how to make all the drinks and lot of these drinks have really complicated recipes and long list of ingredients and you are never going to remember them all.

    Always have a book that has all of your basic drinks that you make the most around and you can reference it really quickly. Sometimes it is good to keep this actually. What I used to do when I worked in a an Irish Pub is I would keep it hidden behind the cash register and when I forgot a drink, I would go back by the cash register, pretend like I was entering some information and actually look up how to make the drink.

    It is one of those steps that makes you look know you doing when you don t, last but not the least, you are going to keep around toothpicks. Toothpicks are always handy and you are going to use them to garnish a lot of drinks with.

    So that is the basic tools that you are going to need to setup your own home bar and next we are go through how to cut fruit for your cocktails.