Bartending – What Groceries to Stock

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Josh Dubois is going to show what perishable items or nonalcoholic items, you re going to need for your own home bar.

    Joshua Dubois

    Joshua has bartended in several bars including The Pub in Brooklyn and Fatso's Lawrence, Kansas. Mixing drinks has been a passion for Josh since childhood when he used to mix his milk and chocolate syrup flair style on the playground. He then went through the school of hard knocks at The Pub in NYC under a career bartender whom had been bartending since the age of 13 in Ireland. He then spent two years at Fatso's Public House and Stage in Lawrence, KS under the supervision of bartending master Gavin Smith. He now resides in the DC metro area and bartends for private parties.

    Hi I am Josh Dubois and we ve been talking about bartending basics. Now I am going to show what perishable items or nonalcoholic items, you re going to need for your own home bar. Now the first thing to keep around and I would only keep this around really if you are going to be having a party is mint. Use this in such strings as Mint Juleps or Mojito and you might not always want to keep this around because it does go bad but it is important to have if you re having a party. The next thing to have is a variety of juices around. You re going to want to have pineapple juice, and pineapple juice goes in a lot of mixed drinks and you don t need to have every juice under the sun. You don t need to have juices such as apple juice or other juices like that, but you do need to quite a bit of juices around. Included in that list of juice that you need is tomato juice. You need tomato juice for drinks like Bloody Marys You re also going to want to have orange juice. You want to keep orange juice in large quantities because we use orange juice in a ton of mixed drinks. The next juice that you want to have around is a cranberry juice. Cranberry juice also goes in lots of mixed drinks like Cape Cods and such. Next from juice, you are going to want to have lemon juice and lime juice. Now you can also use lemons or limes, but just make sure that you have the right ratio of juice actually coming out of that lemon and lime. The next thing you re going to want to keep around are some garnishes. Now first on the garnish list is going to be Maraschino Cherries. Cherries go in Manhattans, cherries go in lots of other drinks and they are really nice garnish for drinks. Not a complete necessity, but its kind of cool to keep around and the one time you actually will need it. It s really cool to have to impress somebody where the drink is cocktail onions. Not too many people like them in their drinks, but you can garnish Martinis with cocktail onions and some people really, really like it.

    So it s good to keep around it and it s really cheap. Another thing to keep around garnish-wise is olives. You want to keep your olives. Now a trick about olives is, a lot of things, you use Olive juice like Dirty Martinis. Well, if you have used up all of the olive juice and you still have a bunch of olives, one thing you can do is just replace it with water and let it sit. That water soon turns into something similar to olive juice. It s not just as good but pretty good. You are going to want to keep around hot sauce for drinks such as Bloody Marys, also in Bloody Marys, Worcestershire sauce. There is a couple of things that some people actually think do not have alcohol in them but they do, and those things are drinks such as bitters. Now you never really use too much of bitters so it s always good to keep that around. You re not going to run out of it, you probably need about one or two bottles in your lifetime. The other thing is vermouth, vermouth does have alcohol in it but it s really good to keep around for Martinis and such. Another thing that you can get with or without alcohol is Grenadine. Grenadine is used to make drinks like Tequila Sunrise and it s always good to keep it around since it really strong and concentrated.

    The next things that you re going to need are sugars. You use a lot of sugars in making drinks. You want to make the drinks to alcohol taste good, and so you re going to use a lot of sugar in a lot of drinks. You are going to want to keep around regular sugar and also powered sugar. We ll talk about that later when we actually get into making the drinks. You re going to need some tonic water and you re also going to need some club soda. We ll talk about that later. Those go into mixed drinks. Last but not the least you re going to need a Cola, a Sprite or a 7Up, some Red Bull and all of those go into mixed drinks and then the very, very last thing you want to keep around is most people don t think of, is cinnamon, cinnamon is a really, really good garnish to drinks. It lights on fire which is really cool and it is really nice just to keep it around at your bar. The next thing that we re going to talk about is the bartending tools and how to use them.