Baseball Batting – Keeping Your Head Down

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baseball coach Mike Cassidy demonstrates the importance of keeping your head down when batting.

    Coach Cassidy from the Virginia Baseball Club. I am the lead hitting instructor up here. Now, I am going to start talking about the fifth step of hitting which is kind of a wrap up. The fifth step involves something you do throughout all five of the steps which is you have to keep your head down on the ball. Its the most basic thing you hear in the baseball. First time you ever pick up a bat and someone throws you a ball whoever is helping you is going to tell you, keep your eye on the ball. I still get in hit right now and if I am having the troubles, the main thing I have to tell myself is keep my head down and then I start hitting the ball hard again.

    Once your head moves, wherever your head goes, the rest of your body is going to go. Hitting the baseball is the hardest thing to do in any sport. Doesnt matter its 60 miles an hour or 90 miles an hour. Youve got a little stick in your hand and a ball flying at you. Now, when were taking about the load, I say we have to keep our head and our body 50-50 or 60-40; never moving forward. Now, if I am moving forward, my head and my eyes are moving at the same time while I am trying to hit a ball coming at me. Thats going to make my eyes and my brain play tricks. I am not going to be able to pick that ball up well. Same thing when youre hitting, if you get up there and pull your head out, now my bat is just dropped, I am probably going to get extended too early which we talked about we didnt want in step four. Everything wants to be calm and on the ball. You should try to watch the ball hit the bat every single time. Now, the next part is balance; something thats what we have to do all the way to the swing. In our stance, I talked about stand on our toes and having our chest over our toes in our stance. When we swing the ball is coming over the plate. So, we want our weight to stand over the plate. A perfect whirl were going to be able to finish our swing and be able to jump thats how good our balance should be, but its not always going to be like that. A lot of times you see very, very good great hitters finish and catch their balance back over the plate, thats perfectly fine, that tells me that all of their weight was going through the ball when they hit it. If you get to the point where youre fallen away, back towards the dug out away from the plate and were doing something wrong; were getting on our heels, were trying to do too much with our upper body. Just remember that all the work that we do in hitting comes from here to here, our core area, our strongest muscles in our body. We keep our head down, were nice and smooth and soft with our upper body and our lower half attacks the ball, were going to have a compact swing with a lot of power.

    So, thats the key to hitting the five steps. Were going to get in a good comfortable stance, were going to load slow and early, load stride, were going to fire our hips, were going to keep our hands close to our body and were going to finish long with our upper body mechanics and throughout this whole thing were going to keep our balance over the plate and always, always, always the most important part of hitting, keep your eye on the baseball.