Baseball – How to Catch a Flyball

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baseball coach Mike Cassidy demonstrates how to catch a flyball.

    Coach Cassidy from the Virginia Baseball Club, and today we are going to talk about catching pop-ups and fly balls. All my life I have worked in the outfield, whether it was in the corners or in the center; I played college outfield, I coached college outfielders, picked up a lot of things, and I know from experience, you got to be confident when you are out there. When that ball goes up in the air, you got to be thinking to yourself, that's your ball, no matter where it is; that's my ball, I'm going to go get it. You go after the ball until somebody else calls you up; if you have any doubt in your mind, that ball is going to fall; but if you are confident, you are going to get the ball as you never thought you could before. So, main things with outfield that we are going to talk about is, getting behind the ball, calling it, and footwork -- getting through the ball, always working behind it. Now, when we talk about calling the ball, every time a ball goes up somebody's got to call it; prevents collisions, injuries, prevents balls falling in between three different people. When ball goes up, we want to call it at its highest point, so before the ball starts coming back down, somebody needs to call that ball - and I don't like to use I got it because that gets confusing; I like three of the same words; back to back, ball ball ball, me me me, mine mine mine. And we have got to be loud; everyone in the stadium should be able to hear you. So once you call the ball, then we start working our footwork and working behind it. And thats some of the things that we are going to talk about in the next segment.

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