Baseball – How to Pitch Using Rocker Step and Pivot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baseball instructor Mike Binns demonstrates how to pitch using rocker step and pivot.

    My name is Mike Binns, I am a full-time instructor here at the Virginia Baseball Club. Here at the Virginia Baseball Club we run year around instruction. We do summer camps, winter camps, we do Fall after school programs. We do private lessons also. I have been coaching youth baseball, high school age baseball for the last six or seven years. Today, I am going to talk to you guys about the five steps of the pitching motion. The first step that we are going to start with is going to be the Rocker Step. A Rocker Step is going to be the step back that we take with our foot if we are right-handed. We throw it to our right hand, its going to be a step back with our left foot. If we are left-handed, its going to be a step back with our right foot. So, its going to be with the opposite foot. We want to make sure when we come through and were taking a step back, that were not taking it straight back, or were not taking it to the side, were going to take a small short diagonal step. The reason were going to do this is we want to give ourselves room to clear these hips for step two. What step two is going to be for us is going to be our Pivot. What our Pivot is, after we take a good short diagonal step back, were going to now take our opposite foot, which will be my right foot because Im a right-handed hitter, and were just going to put our foot right inside the rubber. Now, we want to make sure on step two we dont want to stand on top of the rubber, because then we have nothing to push off of. We also want to make sure we get in front of the rubber so that when we come through we can push off that rubber and get more power out of our legs. So again, step one is going to be our Rocker Step; good, short diagonal step back. Step two will be our Pivot; make sure we get that right foot right up against that rubber, inside that rubber.